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  1. I recently moved back to the caribbean Particulary St. Maarten and i would like to do a couple out door grows and then move on to indoor, This in not my first time growing ive been doing it for about 5 years now. :) I love it My family is into Argriculture so its in my blood. I moved back from Dallas where i attended college which is where i met a my old room mate who was from california who taught me all about horitculture! Ive have grown La Confidential La Woman Kushbery Kandi kush Blue Berry Haze Green Martian and Chocolope from DNA Genetics and Stawberry blue and Chronic haze from World of seeds hydroponically. I have done sucessfull out door bagseed runs ! I consider my self to be a Big cannabis connoisseur on this island where most people only have smoked Shwag or regular weed b.k.a Jamaican herb ( they only send us the shitty bud n keep the best for themselves) I am currently about to start a grow from Cali connection Corleone Kush and i got the 12 mix seed pack and like 6 other feminized Freebies so i look foward to making a journal about that. well that its about me lol !! Oh yea I work at a elementary school and i i rap tooo l!! feel free to message me any time !!!!!
  2. That sounds like fun. I would love to move to the Caribbean! Those people are going to be lucky having you around if all they have been smoking is shwag.

    Happy Growing :)

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