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caregiver grow...finally

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by dgaf813x, Apr 23, 2010.

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    ok i finally got the financial backing i needed. after a couple from cali came to my area and checked out my plants they offered to fund me. they just moved here and are looking for a grower to supply them with smoke because theyre new here and dont want to go thru the growing hassle. so heres what i purchased, im just looking for any light placement ideas or any other constructive ideas...

    ok here we go.
    1-56''x56''x78'' grow tent
    1-1000 watt digital HPS&MH ballast w/lamps, hanger, and timer
    2-growbright 4'' inline fans w/carbon filters
    2-growbright high velocity inline fans
    1-4'' 25' ducting
    1-40''x40''x78'' grow tent
    1-400 watt digital HPS/MH ballast
    6-48'' T5 florescent ballast w/2 6500K & 2 3000K lamps in each ballast (meaning 4 lamps per ballast with 20,000 lumens per ballast)-i had to add the "()"
    1liter-dutch master liquid light
    1liter-iguana juice grow
    1liter-iguana juice bloom
    1-humboldt grow micro bloom 3 pack
    1-oasis automatic watering system-6 1/2 gallon res. feeds/waters 20 plants, it had a day to day timer on water output
    1-2800EC evaporative cooler

    im putting 4 of the 48'' T5's in the 56'' tent on the sides as supplimental lighting and 2 in the 40'' tent as supp. lighting. im putting the 1000 watter in the 56'' and the 400 watter in the 40'' tent, of course. the fans are to circulate the cold air from the evap cooler between the 2 tents. the carbon scrubbers for the smell. i cant have the one room being 90 degrees.
    the only reason im asking is because im invested and promised a 10lb harvest for them. im estimating 10-14 female plants. i want to strive for 15-20lbs+ because i dont want to invest all my time and effort to get barely anything for myself ya know. if theres any commercial or professional growers out there that can help guide me because ive always done less than 6 females at any one time and i dont want to be in over my head. im not an amatuer, but im not a professional...yet. if i screw this up im $3200 in the hole. i need constructive comments please.

    btw the i have ordered 20 medibud seeds because the yeild is suposed to be 750-850 g/m2 and up to 1000-1200 g/m2 commercially
  2. looks good but i would change the title to "caregiver" rather than commercial...gotta follow the rules
  3. you shouldnt have promised them anything but what comes off of the plants.

    10lb harvest is alot
    160 ounces
    say, average of 2oz a plant
    you'll need 80 plants.
    all female of course

    even with 1 * 1000w'r and 1 * 400w'r and 6 * t5's, thats nooooo where, nooooo where enough light for 80 plants.

    say u get a qp/4oz off each plant, you'll still need 40 female plants.

    anyways, goodluck.
  4. if i only get an average of 2oz per plant ill jump off a bridge. my past 2 grows have been between 8oz and 16oz per plant. my plants are 36'' and topped before i flower. the only time i ever got that little amount was with CFL's the whole grow. and the seeds are suposed to get 750-850 g/m2
  5. your way off with your math....with 1k watt light the most you could get is 3-4 lbs, and that bieng that you are a very talented grower and have kickass genetics, the average is 1.5 lbs per 1k watt light.

    look around here at all the will see if you are shooting for 10 lbs with 1k watt light then you are very very far off, sorry bro
  6. damn ididnt see that part in your post about guaranteeing someone 10 lbs, lol

    sounds to me like youll be growing for the next year for someone
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    with all the lights im running 3.2KW. in addition to those lights i have 10 70 watthps, 1 400 watt hps, and 2 150 watt hps. i probably should have said that too. total being 1-1000w, 2-400w, 2-150w, 10-70w (i place all around each plant near the base for larger, denser bottom buds, 12-40w flour. tubes.

    my last grow i used the 400w, n 2 150w and got 1.5lbs off 2 plants. one being afghan 1 being aussie blues. i used the SCROG method. and the time before that i got 2.5 lbs off 4 plants.
  8. wow yo have alot of lights, that must be alot of wires going on, i would have gone with a few larger lights rather than a wole bunch of smaller ones, but i hope the best for ya man
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    hahaha. you have no idea. i have a 5 bed 4 bath house (parents gave it to me for my 21st b day)(i go to school full time for a degree minor in botany and major in chemistry)and the one room is a jungle of cords. they just piled up after a few years. i saw the 70w on sale for $8 and bought them all...they keep piling up so i keep using them. im lucky i live in a gated neighborhood and private streets because cops and random people cant just drive by. i have all the windows in that room sleaed with insulation.

  10. wow, 8 oz a plant ?
    wowwww, 16 oz a plant ?

    like ... wet or dry ?

    if its dry, ima call bluff.

    its not like u even have a c02 setup and shit neither

    idk, like i said, goodluck brooooski
  11. go out and buy them 10 lbs of regs.... LMAO

    best thing i would suggest, once you get them 10 lbs... either sell them the good shit at regs price, or split it 50/50... i would recommend trying to change their mind, just incase you cant get 10 lbs.... but good luck.... lol

  12. 8oz and 16 oz dry...i have a 20lb co2 tank.

    i listed everything i just bought. i failed to give my previous set up. so before you "call my bluff" make sure you dont have shit on your face :)

  13. lmao. im not worried about getting the 10lbs. if worse comes to worse, ill just grow 25-30 plants in the entire room.

    but you put the thought in my head of maybee giving them their 10lbs, and let them know i dried it for a few days. im not sure theyll figure out what im saying. meaning the buds would still have moisture on the inside, making it burn slower...haha, when i was like 16 i used to do that. shit, it gave me an extra 7g's per oz. and you can stick it to a window

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