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    Hi I'm trying to get my schooling and career and such in order. As there are thousands of careers out there I thought I'd ask for some suggestions.

    Here are the things I would like out of my career.
    1. Independence, solo work. Its not that i cant socialize or don't know how just prefer to be alone.
    2. The ability to one day become my own boss or open my own business under that field.
    3. Starting salary doesn't matter I'm 20 with very few expenses but I don't wana be stuck at that same wage when I do get expenses so I'd like to be around $50,000 down the road.
    4. Don't want to be cooped up in a office all day but don't want to be working out in the extreme heat or cold.
    5. Would like to travel locally or abroad don't matter but not constantly i do wana be home to still enjoy my social life.
    6. Mixture of being on my feet and off my feet.
    7. Don't want to work under high pressure.
    8. Don't want to work weekends. Not a morning person will do it if i have to but nights/evenings are more preferred.
    9. 420 friendly, would drop smoking if it was absolutely in the way of my success but prefer not to as I choose to do so as well as it helps with my anxiety and nausea caused by my acid reflux.

    Any career suggestions are very much appreciated!!! Also willing to compromise just stating my dream job:). A few I came up with are vending machine stock/repairer, HVAC tech, Plumber.
  2. International Drug Smuggler
    KGB agent

    (most technical colleges offer programs on three of those)
  3. any interest in stock or currency trading could be beneficial as a side project to earn a few bucks that you can do from home. It's not as complicated as people think, and done conservatively will yield results. but i'm all about the independence... and the 420:smoking:
  4. fellatio consultant
  5. If you can find a cheaper school, and you have the academic ability, try pharmacology.

    Become a pharmacist?

  6. what college offers international drug smuggler??? :D
  7. tldr but I'd go with Huddle House waiter, or maybe a venomous snake wrangler, but with a comedy routine interwined in it. Tell a few jokes and say something like "I told you you'd laugh your asp off. My jokes so funny you be done slapped yo mamba. YOUR BLACK MAMBA, HAHAHHAHAHHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I had to compromise my personality to find a job. :( I wish you luck man, but I've got no suggestions. Why not try one of the ones you listed? :)
  9. To me its a decision that shouldnt be rushed so im exploring my options.
  10. If you don't mind an occasional weekend, how about ninja school?
  11. George Jung University's Pablo Escobar School of Illicit International Commerce
  12. Journalist? Seems to meet the quota

    "Firstly, it will make him at strife and not of one mind with himself, and incapable of action. Secondly, it will make him the enemy of himself and of the just".

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