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  1. I know some might see it as a terrible way to find a job but i am currently graduated out of a decent college and am looking for job opportunities that do not have constant drug tests. I am fine with being able to pass for an initial acceptance test but do not want to have to dodge and worry about constant tests. I was thinking a firefighter might be cool but for some reason i think they prob test alot.

    I dunno if this is even in the right section but if i could hear everyones thoughts on this that would be great.
  2. Why go be a firefighter after graduating college my friend. you can become a firefighter for the most part right out of high school
  3. yah i wasnt too sure about that and i dunno how much chicks really do dig firefighters. after pineapple express it looked like it would be fun to be a process server as long as you get to drive around and smoke and then dress up in costumes but i doubt thats how it really is.
  4. I wouldn't choose a career based on the assumption that chicks might "dig" it. Also, lol, don't take movies like Pineapple Express too seriously. I mean, don't choose a career because it looks fun in a movie.

    I would say that many government jobs would drug test - especially a job for the federal government, as opposed to working for your state government.

    Private companies would probably be the best, I suppose...
  5. what did you go to college for?
  6. I got my degree in psychology and not really sure what i want to do
  7. you were supposed to figure that out in college man
  8. Thats your problem. Should have researched the market and job future of your "career." It might have been easier to find a job if you got a degree in something that wasn't overpopulated with young grads.

    And I mean a PSY major? Thats almost liberal studies for christs sake.
  9. well get a job that help people
    there a couch
    ure on the chair, and u see this man lying down, cryin for some stupid reasons and u tell him
    its alright, here some mary jane

    those kind of jobs
  10. Yah i know i probably should have done something that would have been easier to jump into the bussiness world. At the time I was mainly trying to graduate as it was my parents wishes and all as they didnt go to college and they didnt want me to have the same life bla bla bla. So I went to college, didnt know what i wanted to do then and still havent figured it out. I didnt go and waste all their money as I did a work program and paid for my own school. I hate to have to say the cliche of finding yourself but i dont really know what i want to do. I know I want to be happy but besides that. I see many people that wake up and go to work and hate their lives, trying to get a buck to get a burger to live the next day. I dont think alot of money will make me happy but i dont want to struggle getting by.

    long and rambly i know
  11. Find the one thing in life you always come back to (computers, fitness, shooting, skating etc), figure out how you can relate it to business or customers. That is what you want to do with your life.
  12. i've been going through the same struggle as you, except im still in college. This summer taught me how money doesn't dictate my life, and the things i can buy with money don't make me happy; however i will never be happy if im scrapping by with no money to my name. I don't wanna work a repetitive 9-5 just to pay the bills, ya know? not the life i want. I mean, you have a psychology major... why don't you try to get a job at some kind of mental institute, or something like that... put experience under your belt, and then you can eventually open your own practice... which would be ideal... work your own hours, rip people off that cuz insurance is paying for it anyways, and never get drug tested cuz you are your own boss. you talk to people all day, and the mind is pretty interesting. just an idea.

    as far as firefighter... don;t do that (but chicks do dig it), and don't be a process server. these are all things you could have done 4 years ago.
  13. Do u hv a 4 yr degree? Cos' in psychology you really need to have a masters or doctorate to even make bucks or to avoid drug testing.
    We live in Not-see America, and all underlings will be tested, prodded and ordered about. *salute* NOT!
  14. yah im kinda inbetween, i choose psyc in school as it was what interested me and i can say that i did enjoy leaning that stuff than history, bussiness, or whatever. Im just not sure if i want to keep on the psyc stuff, meaning that i would have to do more school or something else. I guess im afraid of choosing one and not knowing what everything else is. like i would kick myself in the butt if i hump it through school again and then find a job that i didnt even know of. hahhah i dunno.
  15. yeaa man i almost went to college for psychology but to go anywhere in that field you need years and years of schooling.

    with your degree you may be able to find a counseling job or something...if your interested, maybe look into drug and alcohol counseling. some people would really benefit from a down to earth person to talk with.
  16. nursing is a really solid career choice right starting my associates program in nursing and im gonna pay very little or nothing at all to get the degree. the program sets you up with a job at the hospital and if you agree to work there for X number of years after graduating they pay the tuition...after i get the associate degree i plan on transfering into a 4 year program. in the end id like to be a nurse practioner with a masters degree. your basically a doctor at the point, your able to write prescriptions, make important decisions with patients, run your own practice i you start out making like 80grand a year which doesnt hurt either.

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