career in video games?

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  1. Please excuse my ignorance, but I would like to know. Are there people involved in video game production who's job is to formulate the ideas and story for video games, but not get involved in the mathematical aspects. everytime I play a video game I think of ways it could be better, but I want to be the guy that decides what happens in the game and what the player is capable of, but not actually create the game. Because I can't do calculus. Again if I'm totally wrong about this feel free to tell me.
  2. A career in any field is pretty difficult to find nowadays...

  3. well its not my main plan for the future. its not even a backup just curious.
  4. become an artistic designer. I have a friend who designs apps/games but doesnt program shit.
  5. you could probably invest in a company and have a say? possibly.
  6. It's nothing like you think it is, you basically need to be a really good artist or write code (boring as fuck)
  7. could you be like the dude in grandma's boy? he tests the game and gives his feedback as to where to make it better
  8. I think you could be a writer for a video game, or make music for one.
  9. Its not as cool as it sounds really, you'll spend all of your time working on some minute aspect of the game. I remember one guy said his job was to make water, nothing else, he just made pretty ponds and shit all day every day.
  10. Not really.

    Some people enjoy it. ;)

  11. Sure they do, but it's not what the average person expects when they think of the game industry, they think they will be making awesome ideas for games and just playing games all day, and that isn't the case, and truth is, if you're going in thinking like that you would most likely find writing code boring.

  12. if you go in thinking like that, you won't even get a job.. the applications require coding degrees and what not
  13. It just depends what ur job is in the gamin industry. I have a friend that was a 3D artist on the Lego universe game. Now he is level designer on a different game. He gets to do all sorts of cool shit. I have toured his office with him and its like the movie grandmas boy for real. Cept without the creepy robot guy
  14. Anyone know about writers and how they go about their experiences? I was thinking, well I've had a few outlines of stories for games I'd like to see made.

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