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career as a cop

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by HIGHLO, Feb 1, 2010.

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    im graduating some time in 2012 and just quit smoking on the 22nd because i heard they polygraph you if you want to be a cop. they ask whether or not you've smoked weed in the past X amount of years. the years could be 2-5 depending on the department.

    should i just walk into the department and ask about their drug use policy? it seems really awkward and sketchy to do that though.
  2. "Admit nothing, deny everything, and demand proof."

    Don't admit or ask anything. You've never smoked weed in your life. They will tell you anything to admit to it.
  3. [​IMG]
    What are you going to do when you're forced to bust stoners who have done nothing wrong other then light up?
  4. cant trust the police no justice, no peace. got me laying face down in the middle of the street!

  5. Cops also arrest murderers.
  6. fuck, fuck, fuck da police
  7. If he's cool he'll act like he didn't see anything lol.

    But as far as drug use goes being a cop, I think heard another ex-stoner cop say they do random drug tests all the time and you have no way of knowing when ones coming, but I guess that depends on the state or department.
  8. Im sure they wont bother you. Wouldnt it makes sense for you to ask a question like that, They probably assume that you smoked weed or tried weed before. so it only makes sense to ask.
  9. Woww everyone here is so negative towards cops...

    My sisters boyfriend is a cop and he knows I get high but could care less, and he's probably one of the coolest guys I know.
    Just last night I was in a bus shack waiting for my bus when two cops came to check if I was doing alright (it was like -40 with the windchill).
    Maybe the cops around here are just different in the way that they are trying to help people instead of whatever the cops in your areas are doing (which I can only guess is running around beating women and children by the way you guys talk about them).
  10. And rapist and child pedophiles and people who break into your home to steal your stuff and wife beaters and drunk drivers. Cops are not the enemy they could give 2 shits wheather you are smoking weed or not. Its just that they have a job to do and it just so happens that marijuana is illegal and they have to bust you if they catch you with it.

    So moral of the story is..... Don't get caught and you'll be alrighttttt :cool:
  11. Polygraph tests are nowhere near 100% accurate test, its not even accepted in court, so they can't base your job on it right? Just saying, I watch my CSI dawg. XD :smoking:
  12. I heard some people put a tack in their shoe during a polygraph test then when they are being asked questions they step on it and the pain does something to throw off the test, the legitimacy of this I don't know, and I don't know if id try it.. You might be someone that hates pain, it'd be kind of weird if you go to answer and all of a sudden you're like "OWWW FUCK! SON OF A BITCH!"
  13. Well you live in Canada, so your cops aren't as oppressive as some of the ones here. The thing is the thug cops makes the good cops look bad. I have met quite a few cool cops but the a-holes are there and since they have power to ruin your life. Police brutality is also an issue in the poor communities here. Anyways, most of the problem is the legal system and the cops are just doing their job.
  14. i lost even more respect for cops a few days ago.
    watched a guy get jumped by four guys in broad daylight from my seat on the bus while waiting at a stoplight. a cop drove by on a motorcycle, and looked in their direction and looked away and continued on in his original direction. All while another cop pulled up to the intersection, switched lanes to turn away from having to pass directly by the fight.
    TWO cops drove by a blantantly obvious ass-kicking in a relatively decent part of town, right next to CSUF.
  15. power trippin son of bitches...a lot of them, yeah some are cool, but some are just cocky ass douche bags who think theyre the shit cuz they have authority, they are people just like everyone else still....
  16. eat a shit load of oreos before the test, fools it every time due to a chemical in them. I may be wrong but i will commence lol
  17. The responses in this thread show how marijuana being pointlessly illegal causes resentment of the law.

    Good luck with your career buddy.

    WTF man? lol
  18. Lmao Oreos wtf
  19. i hear that if you drink a bottle of Robitussin before the test you can pass with no problem?? just the word on the street!!
  20. im not looking for ways to pass the polygraph lol.. im looking for confirmation as to whether they really ask the question, how many years, and if ill be disqualified forever if i dont pass?

    on a side note: i heard hypnotism could work for passing a polygraph :smoking:

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