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Discussion in 'General' started by Pizzle, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. so...
    of the following career choices, what you you would you recommend most to a high school dropout (have GED)?

    should i....
    a)go to law school-become a lawyer "my job would be to bullshit people, and lock people up"
    b)become a cop-"writing people speeding tickets all day would be chill"
    c)go to medical school-"i think i would be an aspiring mortician, or coroner whats the difference?"
    d)apply like mad at all the fast food chains-"no comment"
    e)go to film school-"enter the "booming" industry so i can make movies that suck(DarkKnight)"
    f)coach elementary school soccer-"i played soccer before,why not"
  2. Honestly, if you think that a lawyer's job is to lock people up, that obviously isn't a good profession for you. I think becoming a cop would be the best decision, and by far the easiest to achieve. Cops get payed pretty decently (contrary to popular belief) and they have excellent benefits. Of course you are technically sacrificing your life everyday, but that's a choice you have to make.
  3. ya... cop sounds within my abilities... i think i will become a traffic cop...
    wouldnt have to "put my life on the line" just write speeding tickets..
    and if i smell weed, you better mention GC, or i will arrest you
  4. Are you laying off the dxm?
  5. He'd have such a sweet gimmick if he was the lawyer that defended/prosecuted you while robotripping

    He could make one of those cheesy personal injury-type commercials except instead of delivering lines in a stilted, self-aware manner, he could wave glow sticks and suck on a pacifier

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