Cardinal's Widowmaker Grow 2009

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    I'll try this again. Images didn't work last time. Tech nincompoop.
    I haven't grown dope in, well, quite some time. Never in this country.

    I started 10 feminised White Widow from Greenhouse Seeds. With more vigilance I'm certain the results would have been 100%. As it stands, I got seven. They were planted directly into cut-off milk cartons after a soaking, and kept in a warm place. The usual.

    I chipped and chopped out as much "soil" as I could in a patch 3m by 1m. This wasn't much. I have hardpan clay and rock mostly. The plot is oriented with the long side of the bed facing downhill slightly and south mostly.
    I built an open topped "box" including a bottom, out of 1cm hardware cloth. This stuff more or less...

    The fat rebars that I drove in to support the box didn't seem enough, so I wired across it a couple of times inside for added strength when it was full. The raised bed contains nearly 1.3 cubic metres of substrate, after all.
    The insides of the box are lined with tarpaulin plastic (not the bottom). The outside is covered in landscaper's fabric. This was mostly to make it brown and blendy inny with the surroundings.
    It is filled with a mix which includes a good portion of purchased local topsoil. This was a choice of which I am certain I will regret. Even though, after the fact, I amended the mix at great effort, it is still quite heavy, in my opinion. I believe this is going to adversely affect my growth rate, especially when I see how explosively Cantharis' plants are leaping up.
    After specifically being advised by Corto Malteze and OldPork to only plant 5 girls in a bed this size, I went ahead and put all 7 in. I couldn't bring myself to bin two.
    I can't think of anything else. Here they are. Ignore the other bag on the side. That's another thing again.
  2. Wish you had bigger pictures Cardinal, but your grow looks damn good! Best of luck dude. Ignore Cantharis and Dank, these guys have made some sort of deal with the devil that's why their plants are sooo big. You just do your own grow and live and learn.
  3. Good start man.

    Best of luck to ya!
  4. Thanks OldPork,
    Can anybody tell me in English for simple people how to size images? The first 2 times I tried to post, I think they were too huge and it didn't work. I then read what someone else did and put them in photobucket first. It worked then but now, as you can see, my images are TOO small.

  5. Faustus is my favourite play !!

    Cardinal, looking to be a good start. +rep
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    Sorry all. Nothing much exciting. Just trying to get the hang of these attachments.


    OK, that worked better.
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    If it works this time, here's my images large enough to see:




    Ok, That's it.
  8. Thanks, it means a lot.
  9. Wow! Beautiful man. Best of luck to you for 2009!
  10. Best of luck my fellow grower. Looking really good so far

  11. It almost never rains here in June, and yesterday we had a real downpour for nearly three hours. All the watering in the world just isn't the same as rain. I expect the plants to really respond in the next day or two. After all the snail/mice/wild boar issues of the last few attempts, this feels like a really good omen.
    I'll buy a new camera and take some new pics in a few days.
  12. great start man. thats a really nice setup you have there. Sorry to hear about your failed attempts in the past but it looks like this year is gonna have a very different outcome!
  13. A little bigger. I think they must be concentrating on growing roots or something.

  14. Still growing. Not really fast, but growing anyways.
    I'm now convinced they must be rooting the containers. The soil isn't SO bad that they are Bonsai. At least I hope not.



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    I've noticed that OldPork has his dog in a lot of pictures, and as I'm not 100% satisfied with my growth rate, I have theorised that his success has SOMETHING to do with that dog. Therefore, I'm putting pictures of my dog in my journal too.
    I just want it noted that if this does not improve anything at mine, it is in no way to be construed as the dog's fault. He's a very old dog, and OldPork's dog is still young.
    I've approached my wife about Cantharis' pussy pictures idea too.
    She's still thinking about it.

    This is my dog. His name isn't important, cause he's mostly deaf anyway.



    Here he's christening my White Widow flowerbed.
  16. WOW, it's been a while. This is one rocking grow! I don't know how you could expect better growth rates. The plants are just beautiful. The dog is chipping in and doing his part in keep predators away too. Very very nice
  17. Thanks for the encouraging words OP.
    I just keep looking at Cantharis' growth rate over there on the Costa Blanca and it's really nuts! Thing is, I'm kinda counting on some yield, know what I mean?
    He really is a team player, that dog.
  18. Thanks for sharing the cool pics of your cute dog and you've got some big ass plants man! Good luck!
  19. I wouldnt worry about them not growing fast/big enough, I'd be worried about them getting huge and crowding eachother! :p
    I didnt catch your location, as far as how long your season is and such..
    Saw your post about coffee grounds in another thread, I've read a bunch about using them, just watch out cause they are acidic, might throw your ph out of whack if used too much.

    GL man :smoke:
  20. Cardinal, thanks for the kind words.

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