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  1. Hey grasscity! I live with my parents and smoke in the house daily, they don't seem to mind but growing is on a whole other level. However, I am taking the risk and have a decently sized cardboard box laying around and I want to mylar the inside, get a pro grow 90w LED from hydroponic hut, some neutral smelling strains, and one of those CO2 bags; 1 plant. I plan not to ventilate because the LED is very low heat and otherwise what would be the point of the CO2 bag lol, that is my ideology. With the CO2 bag I shouldn't need ventilation right? I have to be stealth remember, this cardboard box is going to be hiding in an old armoire no one's touched in years.
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    Here is the standard advice from GC for someone in your situation:

    Don't grow in your parents' house without their knowledge and consent. It's disrespectful, bad karma, and you put them at legal and financial risk without them even knowing it. Plus, to try to do it you will be taking foolish risks (like trying to grow in a cardboard box, which is a good way to burn your house down). Not only that, you will get caught -- growing MJ properly involves strange smells, noises, and activities that are damn near impossible to pull off under someone else's nose.

    You need your own, secure place in order to grow. :cool:
  3. Toasty has spoken. You will submit.
  4. Try asking, my dad didn't even know I smoked. I sent him a text asking if I could borrow his basement to grow and we ended up starting the planning the next day.

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