Cardboard CFL Closet Grow!

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  1. I have 2 plants in a wardrobe box fills the width of my closet so itd be the same dimension as a tent if I got one just not air tight and I don't mind the smell so I'm not worried about it! I have a blue dream seedling then a bag seed that I'm doing yeild techniques to find what works best for me my baby's did get a little nute burn I put them in a miracle grow organic but she seems to be responding well the the top 2 days ago and I have low stress teamed her to lay close to the dirt and the second nose is catching up to the third witch is what I want :) The bag seed is 18 days old and is doing quiet good for my first grow! The blue dream seems to be doing a lot better no burns on the first pair of leaves we'll see how forgiving this blue dream can be (; pictures below! Advise apreciated, thanks for taking a look otherwise! Grow on!
    Bag seed, 18 days above soil
    Blue dream, 4th day above soil!

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  2. nice! blue dream is a good strain
  3. Didn't seem to be doing to well(dying leaves) so I put it in the tomato garden and my mom feeds the tomatoes so hopefully it'll be something to watch grow
  4. [​IMG]
    Doing better then it was when I moved it out !

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  5. Bagseed looks to be getting burnt tips "/ will take better pics tonight ![​IMG]

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  6. Hopefully it'll get enough light outside. That Lil plant I put outside didnt get enough and it just kind of like crapped the bed lol
  7. It's seems to always be 70+ and a rainy day atleast one every other week and usually 30-60% humidity so not bad outside the move outside plus some water seemed to really make it do better also I don't know if you can tell but I was lst one of my branches and it kinda split a little I thought the branch would die but it seems to be getting bigger then the others so I did the same to another to see if it will recover the same way ️ wish me luck it looks beatiful hopefully I get a half oz [​IMG]
    Also fimmed one of the tops and topped the other one to see witch one is better :)

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  8. I have another one next to my house that only gets like 6 hours of direct sunlight witch is suppose to be he minimum and is getting eaten to shit by bugs but is growing slowly but surely

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  9. yeah bugs got at the one i had outside too. i hate bugs!

    so the one in the pot, is the bag seed from your other thread? the little foot, big foot wacky topped one? lol
  10. Yes it is and it has grown past my expectations and continues to do so ever time I check on it :)

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