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Carcinogens in the Herb

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Chipsncheesef, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. Why am I always seeing people here talk about the carcinogens in marijuana?
    "yea man my bong filters out carcinogens and tar n shit"

    Definition of carcinogen: a substance or agent causing cancer

    Last time I checked marijuana was used to treat cancer/side effects of chemotherapy, not produce cancer cells.

    Carcinogen | Define Carcinogen at
  2. Smoking of any kind produces carcinogens.
  3. From MAPS

    "Noxious gases known to occur in marijuana smoke include hydrogen cyanide, which incapacitates the lung's defensive cilia; volatile phenols, which contribute to the harshness of the taste; aldehydes, which promote cancer; and carbon monoxide, a known risk factor in heart disease. Previous studies indicate that water filtration may be quite effective in absorbing some of these [Nicholas Cozzi, Effects of Water Filtration on Marijuana Smoke: A Literature Review, MAPS Newsletter, Vol. IV #2, 1993]. If so, waterpipes might still turn out to have net health benefits."
  4. You breathe carcinogens in all the time man they are in the air and they are definitely in smoke. The substances themselves are known as cancer causing but the amount you would be exposed to wouldn't cause damage.
  5. Yeah all the cannabinoids are contained within the trichomes. So if you vaporize/extract all the trichomes it will have all the properties. If you smoke all the chlorophyll and plant matter and residual nutrients, it's a different story.

    Cannabinoid Properties and Boiling Points - The Garden's Cure
  6. Smoke=carcinogens. A lot of things might give you cancer. That doesn't mean its gonna happen.
  7. There are carcinogens in everything and that includes in weed. While I can't point to any specific toxins, you do absorb some just in the combustion and smoking of weed. On top of that most of us also use a lighter and the butane from that alone can't be healthy. Regardless it's still less harmful than smoking cigarettes and we can always use hempwick, vape or eat edibles to reduce our exposure to these chemicals.
  8. There's carcinogens in literally everything, if you're smoking plant material, it sure as hell is in there. There's a ton in coffee too, doesn't mean you'll get cancer.

    And even without filtering, there's more anti cancer stuff than there is cancer stuff in mj, so I wouldn't freak, but it is healthier to smoke filtered smoke.
  9. The carcinogens in marijuana smoke are not that harmful.
    In other types of smoke, the carcinogens are very toxic, on the other hand!

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