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  1. Has anobody ever tried giving the plants carbonated water as a source of CO2, it sounds like a sound idea to me but im sure if there would be unforseen complications or not. oh by the way i'm a first time grower and i'm about 5 wekks in and just took my first clones all is going well :)~
    i'm gona get a digital camera as soon as i can and post some pics. anyway thanks in advance!
  2. thats would be the tightest shit if that worked..ill have to try it on one of my plants
  3. ya i'll give it a shot too and post the results
  4. I don't think it would work.. plants breath in co2 through their stomatas, located in the leaves. Roots actually need O2, not CO2.
  5. you might try misting the leaves though.. I don't know how much CO2 carbonated water has in it, it might be more effective to just breath on your plants(if theres no circulation), but you can always try
  6. what about oxygenated water, i know i've seen it but i cant remember where.
  7. pretty expensive.. you could just mix some h202(peroxide) into water, Peroxide has an extra oxygen molecule attached. I don't grow soil, so I wouldn't know whether that would be smart or not. I put peroxide in reservoirs to fight algae growth and aerate the system
  8. peroxide won't hurt them? i'll give it to them if you think i wont hurt
  9. 2 tsp per gallon(at 3%, you can get that shit anywhere, CVS, safeway, etc).. I would just make sure as always not to overwater, let the medium dry out somewhat, thats the best way to allow roots to breathe
  10. i water every day about 1/4 gallon per plant in the morning is that too much and if so what would you reccomend?
  11. too much watering.. unless your HID's are drying out the soil.. is your grow room very hot? well ventilated?
  12. my grow room is moderatly ventalated intake fan on bottom pulls air from under house, circulation fan, but no exuast just open space on top gets up to about 80 degrees 90 on a hot day . but i made a cobination cooling/humidifying system. sonsists of a bowl of water with a towell tacked to the wall circ fan blows air through slits in towell and cools/humidifies the room. plants don't seem to mind the heat. anyway the soil gets dry after about 1 1/2 light cycles 18on/6off.

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