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  1. I remember reading that spraying your plants with carbonated water helped them. As they absorb more CO2. Anyone have any insight on this? I was going to start testing it but I figured I'd ask on here first.
  2. Thanks for the link... That post still kind of leaves (no pun intended) it up in the air... I guess I'll have to test it myself.

    Also I meant to post this in outdoor.... sorry for that.
  3. One of the more retarded myths (thanks to the I Grow Cronic video). A can of carbonated water/club soda has the same amount of CO2 as two adult exhales. So,,,, You can dump a can of soda on your bud or say "hello nice to see you".

    Don't spray anthing in your bud. Nothing.
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    Lots of good grow videos out there, I Grow Cronic is just not one of them. That douche-bag has folks spraying club soda on their bud as well as other lame practices. He does a good job with the cam just bad info being passed with that lameness. I could go on about his dumb ideas. He tells folks to buy a tank of CO2 and turn off your lamp ventilation so you can have an enriched enviorment. This is a big mistake (even dumber then the club-soda). Never turn off your room ventilation unless you have reached the correct temperature. Its is better to maintain the correct growing temps then raised CO2 levels. His tank setup is a total waste of time and cash. Most growers feel his heart is in the right place, but his methods are questionable.

    Click below to see for yourself (skip to 6:15 to save time, the lameness is long):

    Again, don't spray anything on your bud. Nothing.
  5. lmao I grow cronic, wow, never seen that, that is just terrible...

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