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  1. has anybody experimented with spraying their plants with carbonated water?
  2. I actually had wondered whether foliar feeding with carbonated water would work, but I think to do so the water would have to evaporate leaving only the carbon. Once airborne carbon dioxide is sure to improve the garden, but getting there is the hard part. Plus in carbonated water if im thinking right atomically it would be like:

    CaH2O--> Ca after evaporation, but would bind with nearby oxygen to Ca2O, carbon dioxide.

    However it would not be near the root zone, which would be ideal. (dreaming of fogponics hehe) but it should work pretty well assuming you calculate the extra H20 burned off by evaporation (IE ventilation). Not sure how you would go about scaling it though as far as how much CaH2O to start with etc and what percent of that would transfer to your end results (some would be lost in environment). Fun to think about though, let me know if you get any kinda results with it. (also id make sure your using nothing but CaH2O not just a random carbonated bottle company, im sure some add some stuff.)
  3. it sounds like a decent alternative. i just dont know if it really will make that much of a difference. i guess it wouldnt hurt to do a little experiment myself.. maybe if i grow some balls i will post some pics
  4. hehe I dont blame your balls, I blame the laws. kinda fucked up youd leave your balls hangin like that lol

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