carbonated water

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by Cea, Sep 7, 2003.

  1. I use carbonated water every third watering. I apply it a little before noon. The plants seem to like it.

    Has anyone else used carbonated water
  2. Woah, is that working!?! Last time I heard that done my friends plants keeled over! If its doing anything its more harm than good.. Roots need O2, so the carbon is doing absolutly nothing at all! For photosynthesis there has to be a combo of light and Co2 to make sugars.. Personally I believe all you are doing is setting yourself up for is some anaerobic plants, ultimately leading to death :(... R.I.P. Mary

    Please note this is my opinion, if it is working for you then keep it up, but please repost after harvest and tell us how it worked out and if it affected the taste/potency.
  3. i dunno, cause CO2 is gonna be forcing out O2, sems like it wouldnt work. but then again, i'venever tried it, so let us know!

  4. spray it on the leaves, dont pour it on the roots. and do it early in the day.
  5. oh yeah, i never thought about that. i'd only do it one the older plants, because i dont mist my normal plants. but what ever suits ya, do it!:)
  6. Give the plants hydrogen perioxide if you want to supply the roots with more oxygen.

    H202. That extra molecule of oxygen should help out.
  7. loveit loveit loveit!
    make me roots nice n white, kills me bugz, wonder juice...

  8. its bleach.... get to happy bout throwing it in ur tank and its gonna kill more than just ya bugz.

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