Carbon Stone Replacement

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  1. I am officially a roor virgin - and am planning on ordering about 800 dollars worth of supply's including the rasta logo 18.8 ice master 18 inch bong - and i am baffled by the carbon stone adapter/activated carbon stones. So my question to whoever can help me is how often do you change the stones after how much use?
  2. You can change the carbon when you clean the pipe. IMO $800 FOR GLASS is a bit much try $200 for the tube $200 for a vapor system and $400 for stuff to put into the new toys..if its glass it will break sooner or later..hope this helps.:smoking:
  3. It gives me a rough idea on how often to change it , im ordering the carbon stones from EDIT and was also wondering if they require soaking prior to putting them in the carbon adapter- is there a certain amount of herb to be smoked before they need to be replaced - your info helped but im still wondering about more information. Thanks for your input and any info from anybody would be greeat thanks
  4. I use mine dry and I change the carbon when I clean my tube and the filter about once a week I change the water every day...I hope you also use steel screens they don't rust :smoking:
  5. People say it can run 2-3 good sesh's. Im sure you'll figure it out, as you'll be able to tell by taste.
    Also, id buy bulk carbon from any aquarium or arts store, ive heard there there, (someone confirm that) and theyre much cheaper.
  6. I am ordering a Roor which comes with glass gauze , from everything i looked up that goes in the adapter then the stones on top of it then the bowl on top of that all of which stemming from a siick Ash catcher - any other tips advice?
    i have been smoking for about 6 years and have had 2 bongs one name glastoise - reference to blastoise - had a triple perculator and and ash catcher with a crazy bowl and another one named peter parker - both broke but not because of
    me - i smoke palma dutch masters on the regular but i am saving up for a roor and accesories late april - but am stumped on the carbon thing etc.
  7. You can go a week or so on your carbon.. the bowl has a screen or a glass screen than it goes into your roor carbon filter which has the carbon held inplace with a bong bowl size screen and yes walmart or target has carbon its called activated carbon its cheep you don't need a lot..I hope this helps ...enjoy your new toys...:smoking:
  8. yeah i have looked and some looks like straight sand - im just trying to collect as much info on it because i would rather stop spending like 50 dollars a month on dutchmasters - even though the palma are thin paper and all natural id rather blow a decent chunk on a bong hemp bag and accessories so i can have a pure smoke session and get zooted 3 times with a dub rather then rolling up dutch after dutch-

  9. Do you replace something after 2-3 seshs.

    How expensive
  10. from what i know 5 grams of stone is required for an 18.8 carbon adapter - i was just clueless as to how often the require changing i may either order an absurd amount from edit unless i find out more about the activated carbon sold at petstores and aqauriums and what steps are required to clean that kind of carbon and how often to change it which is depending on the usage im assuming i go through 2 dubs a day of headies so :

    2 dubs a day 14 a week 5 gram activated carbon - how often need be changed

    i have a rough idea but thanks for all the input
  11. When you clean your pipe or about once a week the carbon can last you about 20 + uses..
  12. From what I understand, the filters hold one gram of carbon.

    I would soak it and wait until it stops bubbling before taking it out. You want to remove the carbon that is flaky on the pellets.

    Ive never used one, but I want to get one. Let me know how it works out :p
  13. dude you can get like a pound of ionized carbon is like 4.99$ at petsmart...a carbon filter should not be more than 80$ you can get it as cheap as 40$ even for a brandname...

    that leaves you like 740$ to choose what kinda piece your are about to invest in...might as well get like a fucking phx tetra or a coil condenser illadelph or like a 24 arm toro or something just use ur imagination its not hard that much m oney
  14. Ok - the only thing is i have read about carbon in stores and many told me they need to be washed - boiled - etc or something stupid like that--

    carbon adapter-35
    rasta icemaster 18.8
    cone adapter- poker -diffuser- ashcatcher -pinched bowl - hempbag - stopper

    and the only issue that i have had is misleading info about the activated carbon

    when i stumbled across the carbon adapter and stones it got me excited

    so more info is appreciated
  15. Can I ask why you are so set on the Icemaster? Not saying it's a bad piece or anything but at the price you're willing to spend their is a LARGE variety of quality glass out there and I would be sure to explore all of it before locking in on one piece.
  16. i dont think the carbon has to be washed or anything of the sort .. that would fuck it up hardcore cuz the water would bond to all the carbon particles and the it would be way less effective when smoke came through it

    the only downside of carbon is it does take away some thc..thc is a huge sticky oily molecule so to say some of it doesnt get stuck through the carbon would probly be innacurate
  17. Because roor seems to be the most popular - if i buy a bong it has to have an ice catcher - i want it to be of quality and look fresh
    after my latest bong passed away (2 and a half foot 3 percolator beast that was known as glastoise ) i wanted a premium quality bong and do not know where to look and where i live there are no local head shops that carry quality like my recent - just trying to get a straight tube bong etc etc
  18. you gotta do your research to find higher end pieces if you are trying to spend 800...
  19. Cave man...your math does not add up. The roor icemaster is a very nice piece. But hell, if you can spend 800, go for a 9mm camo setup or get a custom tube... You can do alot more with that money than what you want.
  20. yes but i feel like ripping my head off binging and googling etc etc to find decent set ups etc and i dont want to break rules by asking for sites or whatnot but i dont know what else to do since my near head shop was shut down...:(

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