Carbon Scrubbers - what did you do, how did it work?

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  1. I've been digging and searching and finding loads of information about carbon scrubbers for indoor grows. I'm just getting started and have a "prototype" that needs some work. Before I go spending any money on it, what are you guys/gals using?

    Did you buy one? Which one? Are you happy with it?
    Did you make one? Activated coal vs some sheet of something? are you happy with it? Do you have any instructions?

    I started with a mini keg, made out of thick aluminum. I cut 1" slits about 1" apart all around it almost the whole length of it. It's about 6.5". I then lined it with screens, like for a window. I found a 1 gallon plastic bottle, slightly smaller than a milk gallon but bigger than a half gallon and did the same slits in that. I put a panty hose around it to keep the activated charcoal out. I need to get a reducer to make my exhaust pipe/fan fit with it. I'm just not sure how good it's going to work.

    I don't want to spend anymore time on something that everyone has abandoned, so what are you using? How does it work?
  2. I bought a small phat filter for a tiny tent and I have no smell at all.
  3. I tried to make one originally, but it just isn't worth it. I purchased a relatively cheap one off ebay, and it works wonders. Mine is incredibly oversized though. I'm running a 600 cfm filter in a 3'x5'x8' closet.

    For what it's worth, I'd suggest just buying one. Messing up odor control will put you in jail.
  4. I took a stab at my own, for details you can visit my journal, page 11. Direct link here
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    Just buy one bro. Time alone is worth it. Look for ones that have 2" of coal. You won't regret it. Best purchase you'll make.
  6. I know people who have can 33s and I cant smell anything at their long as its a good brand (can, phresh, phat, mountain air...htg suck and you can get lucky on ebay) and has the same or higher cfm rating than the fan you'll be straight..

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