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carbon scrubbers good or bad?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by ruler911, Feb 28, 2009.

  1. my friend has an odor problem hes thinking of making a carbon scrubber. Would he hook it to the air intake or exaust? will it harm the plants?
  2. Hook the scrubber into the exuast side to pull air out of the room, and vent it somewhere fairly safe and secure. I vent mine outside in a closed off part of my backyard. Scrubbers will absolutely not harm the plants... unless they fall on them. :D
  3. Some carbon scrubbers are made to run either way (either pulling air through it or pushing air though it) Some are made for pulling air through only. No harm to plants whatsoever, you may be thinking of ozone generators, they will cause damage.
    Don't make one, buy one, I made a dIY unit before, and it lasted a whole day, wow. I am a pretty handy guy, so anyone who says it was made wrong can think again. This is one piece of equipment that you want to shell out the dough for, and trust me, I am DIY all the way guy, and I know where the money is best spent.

  4. Can you explain why?

    All those things are is activated carbon - I don't see what the difference could possibly be as long as it's made correctly..
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    There is a design flaw that we can not overcome without significant work. The design of a store bought unit has a "manifold" of sorts inside to make airflow even, Drawing air through all of the carbon, not just close to the top where the fan connects, like diy carbon filters that only allow part of the filter's carbon to be utilized.
    Diy, by means of wrapping carbon filter element around a tube type setup and drawing air through is no good, just don't work well at removing odor.
    Diy, by means of using store bought (aquarium activated carbon) is aqua phase carbon, made to remove impurities from water. Real carbon filters (such as CAN filters, or mountain air) use Vapor phase carbon, made to remove chemicals and smells from the air. Totally different thing than Aquarium filter carbon. Google all of this and you will get all of the scientific data you please about vapor phase vs. Liquid Phase carbon.
    Again I will say. I am an Extreme DIY guy, and I know where money needs to be spent and on what, and I know what can be DIY for most people, with safety and efficacy in mind.

    And again I will say, buy a carbon filter (not an odorSOk, look up a guy named Mordgrow and find out why first hand), a good one, as they ARE worth their weight in gold, and man those fuckers are heavy.:smoking:
    Hope I explained it well enough for ya. Peace.
  6. thanx very helpful info
  7. now when you make the scrubber you fill the intie insidetube with the activated carbon correct?
  8. :poke:
    Hello? Is this thing on ?

  9. I really don't follow how the purchased one can be *that* much better - I agree about the vapor phase carbon, although I feel like the water type will work, just not as well.

    If you have 6" ductwork, and use two 6" to 10" duct adapters and fill it with vapor phase carbon then it's going to full utilize the carbon. I just don't see how it's possible for the purchased ones to be any better than this..
  10. And the interior pipe is made of what, chicken wire and nylon stocking? This is what i refer to. The "Purchased one" has an interior pipe that has progressivly larger holes in it, so the holes at the bottom of the filter are larger than those close to the fan connection. Have you tried a homemade one before? Have you tried a DIY compared to a CAN filter? I have. Apparently it is hard to understand for some that a filter that cost $75 is easier and more effective. Purchasing 10lbs of activated carbon online and having it shipped will cost a bit, then add all the supplies to make it and it will probably cost alot more if you "make it right".
    I am now out on this subject. It has been explained. Like I said, Read MordGrow's thread, and see how he got busted.
  11. /Signed.

    Those fuckers are heavy.

    You are very helpful Don!! :cool::cool:
  12. another easy scent remover is and "ODOR bucket". I simply ran ducting from my hoods to a 5 gallon bucket in the lid. Around the sides you drill alot of smaller holes for intake. Place a jar of ONA GEL in the bucket. You pull air from the room through the bucket, through the light, then push the exhaust out smelling linen fresh. I did this and increased my air flow by 50% by removing restriction of carbon filter. The ONA smell stays in the bucket , so the plants DONT abosorb it. My flower room smell sweet & skunky, while the exhaust 15' from neighbors bedroom window smell like im doing laundry.
    Theres a picture of ODOR bucket in my thread in indoor grow journal- Starwberryblue-GrapeApe-WhiteWidow if you want to check it out.

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