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  1. Sooo nobody knows if this brand is good or not? seriously?
  2. carbon is carbon for the most part. the rule of thumb is to get slow airflow through a big filter. The air has more time in contact with the carbon, thus increasing its effectiveness.

    Also, more is better with carbon, so..... yeah, it would be difficult for it to be bad.
  3. I am more concerned about the fan. The htg supply has a 170cfm with a 3 yr warranty. The foothill has a 240cfm with a one yr warranty. And the foothill doesnt look like a typical high velocity inline. More like a duct fan.
  4. my cool tube runs off a 250 cfm dryer duct booster fan from lowe's works great through a 4" inlet 2' elf carbon filter. I can only imagine it being better with a bigger filter.
  5. Found this response to your question about foothill filters. Hope it helps.

    I use their filters also. Work great with no problems.
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    I see this thread is a month old so probably made the choice already but DO NOT buy the HTG "growbright" filter. I would advise this to anyone considering it. Mine quit working after about a week. I had to go out and spend money again on a Phresh filter so I didnt have my house reeking. I have also seen other people having problems with them as well.

    I do not have any problem with their 4" fan however.....I have nothing to compare it to but it does it's job,a little loud but I can live with that.
  7. TOILOFDAY I have that same fan any way you could point me in the direction of the scrubber you use?
  8. whatever you do just make sure to get one with replaceable carbon.
  9. I hear people hating on the growbright's. I'm halfway through week 5 with ak-47 and I have no odor with the growbright. Im also using a cabinet, don't know if that makes a difference.
  10. yea i used the growbright filter all the way through my last grow without any problems....the fan from htg works well too..i got a fan speed controller with it so i can keep it low and quiet....

  11. According to Foothills their carbon scrubber dose not vent to an area outside the grow room. So if you use the carbon scrubber it will collect odors but, if your venting outside now, would appear that some odors, not collected in the scrubber would vent out of the grow room.

    The carbon scrubber is ideal for replacing granuals but, think a fan that hooks to your current exhaust vent and using their scrubber without their fan would be more efficient.
  12. Another growbright user here.

    I'm on my second grow w/ the same filter.

    Filter on = no smell

    Filter off for 10 minutes = my entire apartment stinks of the funkness.
  13. yeah the HTG works great if you actually use the matching High Velocity fan.....not duct fan which can only help boost air flow not clear the room of warm and stale air
  14. I live hour from htgs and for the most part they are cheap,but the things they make are of low quality .I burnt out 2 t5 bloom bulbs took em back and those burnt out as well,a friend of mine bought 2 600 watt bulbs and they both burnt out in a matter of 6 months.Ya get what ya pay for no offense to chinese people but ur products are garbagr compared to american,canadian,german,etc. engineered and built products.granted If you have a reciept they replace the faulty equipment but who wants to wait for mail or drive 2-3 hours for somethin that shouldn't b a prob in the 1st place. Ya get what ya pay for
  15. That's my thing. I knew I was gonna need to exhaust, and I'd need negative pressure if the filter was really gonna work anyway, so I figured since I'd have to get a fan big enough to create negative pressure in the tent, I might as well get the big fan and exhaust through the filter.

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