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  1. If i am going to be growing 2 or 3 plants in a cabinet grow box with CFL's is it worth spending all the money on a carbon scrubber? Will it have that strong of an odor? Are there easier techniques?
    (this will be grown in a rented house, landlord should not be checking in too often, but I may host the occasional party.)
  2. - read that, its perfect for a grower on a budget and its what ive been using. Works great!!!
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    Thanks a lot for the quick response. I have been looking around a bunch and haven't found a resource as good as that one.

    However whats the best fan to hook up to that, and how do i go about getting a fan such as a computer fan to plug into the wall?
  4. well the fan size depends on alot.. as far as hooking a computer fan up to a wall outlet, read:
  5. my personal grows dont start stinking until about the 3rd week of flower cycle. then I have to strap on the carbon scrubber for the exhaust.


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