Carbon Monoxide Detector's: Do they pick up pick up on the marijuana smoke?

Discussion in 'General' started by marylandlax6969, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. ok so i think i will be getting a carbon monoxide detector for my room.
    now would me smoking by my window (with a window fan airing out on exhaust) and a couple other fans around my room... would there be any way for the carbon monoxide detector to pick up on it and go off
    any help would be great:smoke:
  2. carbon monoxide is not a byproduct of smoking marijuana
  3. i think they only pick up carbon monoxide..

    I wouldn't run any cars in your room ith that in there, but weed should be fine.
  4. some CO is produced when you smoke, but it shouldn't be enough able to set it off

    and for goodness sake, get a CO detector for your place, EVERYONE...a friend of mine was in a dorm at virginia tech that didn't have detectors and an entire floor would have suffocated if someone didn't wake up feeling sick and called 911.
  5. hahahahaha
  6. they only pick up carbon monoxide hence the name a smoke detector on the other hand.......... well ya smoke is smoke

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