Carbon Hose filters in place of RO system

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  1. I was considering grabing a hose filter like one of these below for my RDWC system. The tap water here isnt the best so Ive been looking into an option for water treatment. RO systems are pretty expensive and Im on a budget at the moment so I figured this might work. Says it filters up to 5 microns and helps remove chlorine and chloramine in the water. I kinda want to give it a shot. Says you have to restrict your flow to around 1 gallon per minute for best results which isnt too bad. It will take about 30-40 minutes to re fill my system at that rate. Im not looking for perfect RO water but I definitely need to do something with my water before I use it for the plants. What do yall think?

    GardenPURE Carbon Water Filter
    Improve the health of your plants by reducing the levels of chlorine and chloramine from your water. City water is treated with chlorine to kill bacteria. When chlorine is introduced to your garden, it is killing beneficial bacteria that keep your soil healthy. This is a serious problem in hydro and aeroponic gardening systems where water is directly in contact with the root system. Camco's GardenPURE Carbon Water Filter easily attaches directly to any standard water hose connection and will safely and effectively reduce levels of chlorine, chloramine, aluminum, heavy metals, hydrogen sulfide, lead and mercury in the water as it flows through it. For best results restrict the flow of water to 1 gallon per minute. Also great for your pet's drinking water, livestock, houseplants and composting. Not designed for fish tanks or ponds. Made in the USA.

  2. so is there a place you can hook that up in the house that filters like all the water for the house? Like it would filter the shower and hose faucet water too not just sinks??
  3. Yes; it's in my basement between the pressure tank and EVERYTHING ELSE!
    I used to have to clean out clothes washer for my wife; DONE.
    Occasionally, a piece of sediment would hold open my toilet valve, DONE.
    I used to wash out my kitchen and bathroom faucet screens. DONE.
    SO inexpensive and SO clever; 5 micron house filter.
    Home Depot ... Loews ...
    Installed, well under a hundred dollars. Cartridges, from Amazon or e-bay are insignificant.
    I'VE NEVER had one clog; I just replace them when they look grubby.
  5. You can get a decent RO system for under $70 from RO Buddy or Pure Water Club.
    Those carbon filter things are sub-optimal.
  6. Im gonna have to do some research so that I can install it properly. You have a picture of your set up?
  7. Sure. I’ll go downstairs and take a snap... in a bit.
  8. The purity of the water should be the first thing you address in a hydro system.
    The second is the temperature of the soup. IMO
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  9. thanks bro
  10. and so, bro...
    Iron, they tell me; 330 foot well.
    Go figure!
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