Carbon filters!!

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  1. I just picked up some activated carbon from my pet store. The kind they use in high end fish tanks. I wanted to know if this is safe to use. It says harmful if inhaled on the label. If this is the wrong kind what carbon is best to use?

  2. As long as its all carbon and nothing else. So all black with like no white pebbles and if thats the case your good. Just make sure to rinse it first! Happy Tokin.
  3. From what I've read you use those activated carbon filters like you said if you want to filter the smell out cuz they absorb the smell. But you never said what you wanted to use them for, but if it's for filtering the smoke then just try it and don't worry about that inhaling thing cuz remember you're exhaling into it not inhaling.
  4. Ok I have the all black charcoal. I will make sure I rinse it off 1st. Thanks!
  5. It's incredibly important to wash the carbon stones before you put them in a carbon filter to prevent inhaling any carbon dust. Other than that you're fine.

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