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  1. how effective are carbon filters? do they remove all the odours associated with growing.
  2. Yes if properly used a carbon filter will do a fantastic job at removing all the smelly bud odors.

    Its important to make sure that your filter is the proper size for the fan and ducting you are using. Its easy to overpower a filter which makes it less affective.

    I work to balance my intake and exhaust fans so that my room hasa slight negative pressure. This means that the room is always trying to suck in more and all that the only air leaving the room has been filtered. If you have positive pressure you can push odor out of the room, negating the filter.

    Humidity control is also important as the carbon filter become less affective above 70%.
  3. where is the best place to place the intake and the filter. so how do i acquire negative pressure. sorry for being such a noob :)
  4. Depending on the design of your room, but generally intake comes in low and exhaust and filter are mounted closer to the ceiling ..... but I've seen successful rooms with the exact opposite set-up.

    Negative pressure is when your exhaust fan is pulling out slightly more air than is naturally flowing in. You want the room "sucking in" just a bit.
  5. am i right in asuming that both intake and extractor fans should be running constant or can i turn them off at night ?

    so as long as my extractor fan is capable of extracting more air out than my intake can draw in i'll be in negative presure?

    thanks duckhead your help is greatly appreciated;)

  6. You generally need less air movement during the dark cycle, but its still a good idea to have at least some airflow. Again its important to note that without constant negative pressure you are leaking odor .... even at night.

    I have my fans managed by a couple of thermostat fan controllers

    A cheaper option would be a router speed controller. This will make it much easier to "dial in" the perfect amount of exhaust.

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