Carbon Filters

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  1. Here's a silly question, I just got a new bowl for my binger with a built in glass screen that keeps my h2o in said bong super clean. I love it, air flow is awesome, everything burns completley, and like I said it keeps my h2o nice and clean.  Here is my question?          
    Does the ash that builds up in the bowl act as a "carbon filter" considering that it is a processed carbon life form. This seems like a goofy question but I'm curious.


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  2. I would say no, its cool it keeps your bong clean but i would rather have ash building up in my carbon filter than in my actual bowl piece, you will be cleaning it a lot, cool bowl though
  3. na the carbon that you get from the petstore is extremely porous and absorbs much more particles, while the ash doesn't do ish just makes the green taste like shit

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