Carbon Filters, difference? help !

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  1. I need a carbon filter, my rooms starting to get skunky.

    I have a 6in centrifugal fan hooked up to my 1000 watt cooltube in a 7x7x7ft room

    The CFM of the fan im not exactly sure on but its probably a low-medium end model with low-medium power nothing special. I bought it years ago and cant remember the site.

    Im looking at these two filters: LED Wholesalers GYO2301 6-Inch Hydroponic Carbon Air Filter 470 CFM With Air Scrubber Oder Control: Patio, Lawn & Garden this ones 470cfm LED Wholesalers GYO2306 6" Hydroponic Carbon Air Filter 310 CFM Air Scrubber: Home & Kitchen this ones 310cfm

    1) I need help figuring out which one to purchase... Is one of these just larger than the other? Or more thick and more resistant to airflow or something? Which one is best for me?

    2) How much airflow will be reduced by installing one of these? Ive read anywhere from 20% to 50% less? My plants are at the max height of the tent nearly and they might suffer a bit of heat stress with reduced power, so im just wondering!

    Could really use assistance need to order this within the next couple days

    Really appreciate the help blades !:smoke::smoke::smoke:
  2. 1. One of them is just larger, and has a higher flow rating. You should definitely go for the larger one since you don't know your CFM. If you push too much air through a carbon filter, the carbon won't take all the smell out of the air, so they say.

    2. It's quite a bit. You may not see a whole lot of heat build up. Just because you're decreasing your flow, doesn't necessarily mean your light is going to heat your room now. As long as there is still ample amount of air, which there should be, through your cool-tube there shouldn't be any excess heat radiated from your cool tube.
  3. Carbon filters are extremely heavy and as a result the shipping on them (if it isn't free) is going to be killer.

    How the carbon is packed into the filter will make a huge difference. Most off-brand filters, and many name brand ones, use carbon pellets about the size of rabbit food and they don't compact very well. This results in less than ideal contact of air to carbon and worse odor removal than the "coarse" type of carbon. The heavier the filter, the more carbon it contains, and the better job it will do.

    Personally, I picked up a 6" Phresh filter because they have the best carbon around and their filters do the best job. I did not notice any decrease in airflow when using a Hydrofarm 6" 400cfm inline fan and a 410cfm filter, but it did help some with the noise from the ventilation.

    If you have a hydroponics retailer within 45 minutes then I would suggest checking them out before purchasing a filter online. I got mine for $120 I think and it is worth every penny. I strongly recommend against getting anything GYO. I purchased a tent from them off their ebay site a few years ago and it was of extremely poor quality. Better to spend $120 on something that works than $100 on something that won't.

    Phresh Filter FTW. Check out their website for more details.
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    Heres the link to Phresh. If we ever get a carbon scrubber its gonna be the Phresh brand, talked to several people I know who use them and they are happy they spent the extra money on a good one. For his size of room they reccomend one with a 264cfm rating. For an in between cfm rating they reccomend the next size up and thats a 400cfm one, they have none in the 300cfm range.

    Size Selector - Phresh Filters
  5. Thanks for the input everyone!

    Are these ones on Amazon good? 80 dollars with 2 day shipping on the amazon prime membership thingie for a 470cfm 6 inch scrubber like the ones on my original post?

    SCMC- what is GYO?
  6. The mfg's of the filter you are looking at. It is in the name... LED Wholesalers GYO2301 6-Inch Hydroponic Carbon Air Filter 470 CFM With Air Scrubber Oder Control: Patio, Lawn & Garden
  7. oh whoops lol i see. Its so cheap though damn I might just spring for it.... carbons carbon i figure. This is my first hydro grow and my first stinky grow, only ~2-2.5 weeks in and its already smelling up my room.

    The phresh filters do look nice though, if I had a shop that sold them I might pick one up.

    Any more input on carbon filters? Perhaps specifically these filters from LED wholesalers (aka GYO)

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