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  1. when using a carbon filter in your bong, when you clear it, do you just pull the slide out of the filter or do you pull both out of the bong together?
  2. I dont own one but my friend did and we just pulled the bowl, if u want to prevent ashes from comin in or less drag u can pull the carbon filter too, personal preference man

  3. I was thinking the same question!! I just ordered will my clip just connect the carbon add on to my bowl, or just the downstem to the bong or should i not use any clips????
  4. If it were me, I would just pull the bowl, less chance of breaking the diffy.
  5. I own one and i ALWAYS pull both carbon filter and the bowl.

    Honestly the closest anythigs come to breaking was the carbon filter/bong when someone would pull JUST bowl and the filter happened to stick with it (common occurance) which then will ALWAYS fall (most likely onto your bong), and spill carbon pellets all over your floor.

    It happens everytime we smoke with someone who hasn't use one, which is common in nebraska.

    It causes alot of drag which is the original reason i pull both because i own a sg stemline which has zero drag without the filter.
  6. i pull the carbon filter too. When the smoke in my AC clears I would take off the AC sometimes to get even less drag while I clear rest of the tube :3
  7. My bowl is clipped on to my carbon filter so I pull both. Way better and easier to clear.;)
  8. So will I be able to clip the carbon filter and slide together using a 19/22 keck clip? (I have a stemline)
  9. Yeah that will work but I just keep them un clipped, easier to pack bowl but ya you definitely wanna pull both otherwise there is too much drag!

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