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  1. Can anyone tell me if the HTG 170 cfm 4" carbon scrubber combo with 4 pounds of carbon should be enough hardware to take care of 3 auto-flower plants under a 250watt hps in a 10x10 room????? I have never had to use a scrubber b4 and am not sure how much i will need for 3 small snowryders. I dont think its a very smelly strain. swxlr#2.

  2. Should be enough.. My closet is about that size and scrubbing 8 plants under 2 150w hps.. It takes care of it just fine.. My scrub combo is the same as yours..

    My grow - 2 x 150w HPS Closet Grow
  3. I have the same scrubber on 4 plants under a 400w hps.
  4. cool thanks. Thats what I will get then.
  5. Anyone know if the carbon actually works for 12 to 18 months? And are these particular filters refillable?
  6. Good question.. I would get one that the carbon can be changed.. More than likely depending on how often you grow, mine lasted about 12 months before i had to refill..

    If the flange has screws holding it down, then more than likely the carbon can be changed.. Be careful purchasing a filter with the flange welded on..
  7. Depends on how much your pulling past it. I would say that is a stretch maybe 6 months.

    You cant refill them and the reason is it has to be packed tight in order to prevent preferential pathways. You could try to refill one, just remember that is what you're going for or it will not work.
  8. In production, the carbon is not "Packed".. Packing it will break carbon apart leaving dust particles.. They actually use a jogger to seat carbon into position..

  9. well there you have it. good info

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