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  1. Why do phresh carbon filters have a cfm on them?
  2. its what they are rated for; if you use too small a fan, it won't work good/at all.
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  3. Oh ok so it is a max cfm rating? Also I run a 6 in phresh filter with a 6 in hurricane fan in a 4x4 and it has so much negative pressure it rustles the plants too much. I am planning on getting the same set up for my 3x3 the tent quality sux on my 4x4 it only has one vent on the bottom.
  4. I only use a booster fan in a 2x4 veg tent. I have a six inch turned down (off atm) to suck out the 10x12 room. The best thing I did was built that filter box for the intake, which sucks the air in via a 6" fan. The Don Huan fans are very good imo, the brands u say I am not familiar with. I like better pre-filtered positive pressure as it keeps things out of the room.
    Can you hook up a dimmer on your fans? I have to mine, thank God!
  5. No I do not have a speed controler the guy at the hydro store gave me the wrong suggestion, so I ended up with a temp controler which does not slow the fan down at all.
  6. should be able to just hook up a regular dimmer switch in the line.

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