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  1. What is the best Carbon filter CFM for a 9.8'x5'x6.6' ? I have a 6" Vortex Inline Fan with 452CFM and 2 1000w MH Lights & a 600w HPS about how much yield could I produce in this space with the amount of light?


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  2. I would shoot for 3 pounds per 4 month run, depends on your method. Thats if all goes well.
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    Cool not bad. Would adding more light increase yield? What do you think of starting my seeds 1 month apart from my vegging plants how often would I harvest then? like every 2 month or so? Im trying to harvest Max Yield in the least time possible.
    Thanks for the reply!
  4. You are looking at 50 watts per foot^2 so thats good. A lot depends on your style you wish to employ. If you want a perpetual  sea of green then 12-16 seeds every 2-4 weeks works well. I have tree style and sea of green style.
    I prefer sea of green. I go from solo cup to 2 gallon pots so one transplant. I also pack 4-6 plants per square foot as I grow my own seed.
    You ask about filters and stuff and I use none as my grow is legal.
  5. So a SOG would be recommended for early harvest? What about SCROG would that make any difference? Yes i am unsure if CFM for the filter should be the same amount or more CFM than the Inline Fan. Legal grow my parent dont like the smell since it will be in a part of the house. .
    SOG is fast but lots of work, many smaller plants. Scrog is high yield but takes some time to get a plants trained.
    If the grow is legal just pump the hot air outside, you dont need a filter at all. In fact with cool tube hoods you can just dim the fans to just pull the bulb heat away, not suck the house heat out.
  7. Ok so I will most likely go for the SOG I have 5 days out of the week to take care of their needs the faster the better as i have none ATM. I have regular air cooled hood reflectors which i will connect to the air duct going out of the tent to a window close by. would that work on getting rid of the heat? Filters don't got much purpose beside blocking odor? The smell might not be to much of a problem i can work something out. I smell like burnt flowers all the time anyway.
    Thanks for the reply!

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