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  1. i just got my carbon filter today and it came with a pre filter and instructions that say incorrect hooking up of this unit will cause carbon stuff to come out I was planning on having the air sucked from an open pipe through and out of the filter which I was putting in a different room but it seems like I have to suck the air in through the filter then through the fan and out a tube in a different room.  is that correct, I think with a pre filter it is obvious that air is meant to be sucked into the filter not out.   ????

  2. also being my first time setting up one of these air systems where should the fan be located? I will buy the 4'' ducting and plenty of fasteners I will determine the length of the ducting for where I want the air to go but I need input on recommended length and spacing and placement for ducting between the filter and fan and I will decide my own length pipe from the fan to the outlet area I chose assuming the filter is a suck filter until that question gets answered. for hooking the filter straight to the fan it cant be done because there is no way to clamp down on the filter around the fan its not bendable like ducting.
  3. Have a look at the latest post on my journal below, I've just set one up. How long do you think the ducting run will be. You can't ask to much of a 4" fan...
  4. I bought the fan and filter separate so i chose good ones.  190 cfm fan and 210 cfm filter. my ducting will be about 5 feet long with very few turns/bends. i am growing in an open space in a partitioned basement will suck the air in by the plants and dump out over the wall which only goes halfway up to the ceiling because the top half is just support columns to the house. the plants are set up for a 3x3.5 foot space for the light says 2.5x3 feet coverage and the grow space starts only about 1 foot from the wall. i saw your picture so it cleared up that the filter is for sucking i was confused because on youtube a how set up a grow tent they were placing the filter on the outside so i didn't know. idk how much smell will get out i have a dehumidifier that blows strong when its on and its on the same side as the plants in the corner and the furnace is down there also with suck and exit vents. i think i should have enough air  flow to keep the smell down and i have 2 ionic breeze quadras i can leave on in the upstairs. plenty of aerosol spray throughout the house for emergencies.
  5. btw the filter is ventech
  6. Hope you ain't buy the Ventech one.
    Mine is about two weeks in use and sounds like its coming undone.

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