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  1. Hey,
    I am working on my box and I have one question. How should I set up my carbon filter. Stealth is key so I want everything to be contained. I want to hand the 5inch (125mm) carbon filter inside and attach it with ducting to the 5inch (125mm) intake fan. I will have one 5inch hole cut in the box as intake and one of the same size as the out take to allow the fir to flow through. Is this good enough? I heard I need an out take fan but for me stealth is key and I have heard its not really needed.
  2. Carbon filter in the box inline fansucking air out and dumping outside. Open intake hole at bottom side opposite of carbon filter
  3. Minus the cooltube light. 1499181684725.jpg 1499181721851.jpg
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  4. Put it in a topcorner of your tent, put inlet air on the opposite side at the with heat

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  5. So I should keep the fan and carbon filter at the top of my box and the hole at the bottom for better circulation of air?
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  6. I need to have it inside the box tho for stealth
  7. It will be inside but it will be exhausting out of the box at the top.
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  8. It's no good blowing air in to the box as it will push air out in every tiny gap there is, thus bypassing the filter.

    Use the fan to exhaust the area by drawing air through the filter first. Have the filter positioned at the top where the hottest air will be

    Have the intake hole near the bottom so you get a flow of air through the whole area. This is important for good air exchange

    Both fan and filter along with the ducting in between will be positioned inside the box
  9. Exactly

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  10. So I should have the fan draw air through the a carbon filter instead of pushing it through? Wouldnt it be the same to have the fan push the air through the carbon filter.
  11. No, you need to suck the air through the filter then the air exits the box on the other side of the fan.
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  12. Yes you should have the fan suck through the filter and then blow out of the grow box.

    Filters are designed to have air sucked through and not blown through, it's not the same. It can work if you really need to do it but the life of the filter will be shortened
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