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  1. I ordered a VIVOSUN 6" Fan and filter combo a little over a month ago.

    It worked well until about a week ago and I started noticing higher temps in my tent. It didn't take long to figure out that the filter had become very restrictive and very little air was actually being moved. I emailed VIVOSUN and they sent me a replacement. Now, 2 days after installing the new filter I'm noticing that it is becoming restricted as well. I did a quick Google search and found out that my humidifier may be causing the problem. I added the humidifier recently and after that is when the first filter became restricted. So, I turned the humidifier off before I left for work this morning. Hopefully that will help.

    Has anyone else had this problem before? Is there any way to get my filter "unclogged"? Before anyone asks, yes, I am using the pre-filter that comes with the carbon filter.
  2. Are you pushing or pulling air through the filter?
  3. Pulling air through it.

  4. I've read elsewhere that this can be a problem.
  5. Whatever you were reading was wrong.
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  6. Could you explain please? If you know something about this problem, I could use all the help I can get.
  7. I take sock off and push through the filter as per pic. Works well. Obv by pushing air through you will get a build up inside the filter buts its easily cleaned.

    Also think about the length of ducting you use.

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  8. Everything I read when I was researching said to pull air through the filter. The fact that the pre-filter is on the outside of the filter makes sense if you want to pull through it. I'm using the 25' of aluminum ducting that came with the fan and filter, venting out a window. With the filter off, I can feel a lot of air on the end of the ducting. With it on, it flows considerably less.
  9. Carbon filters can definitely slow airflow that's why it's recommended to get a fan with a great CFM just to be sure it can preform.. and yes definitely want the air to get pulled through the carbon filter if you have any choice in the matter... I know sometimes shits cramped and people do what they gotta do.

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  10. When I very first put the new filter on, it barely made any change in airflow. It flowed so freely that you barely knew it was on there. After 2 days it's already pulling my fan harder and moving less air.
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  11. Instead of just saying "that's wrong", can you provide some information as to why you think so? There is lots of anecdotal evidence on the web about this with people having similar experiences, and it also makes sense that water molecules will fill and block the porous carbon.
  12. Lots of people set up their filters to pull air through but why yours is clogging up that fast I have no clue. Are you drawing air from a dusty or dirty environment? All carbon filters or going to have a bit of carbon dust but is yours excessive? Is your grow humid, moisture can also clog them up?
  13. I just provided more info to the OP but yes your statement was wrong. Lots of people pull air through. I'm willing to bet most do in a tent. The filters are designed to be pulled through or otherwise the white prefilter should be inside the carbon filter to catch particles of dirt before entering the actual carbon filter if air was being pushed through. Most filters recommend being set up in a similar way the OP has his set up
    1st pulling the air through the prefilter, hence the name PREfilter, then through carbon. That's why people who push air through the filter put the PREFilter inside. Most growers don't go that route
  14. It's not very dusty. The pre-filter on the original filter barely had any dust in it. The humidity has been around 50-ish. I had recently added a small humidifier to the tent and I'm worried that's what's causing the problem.
  15. That's probably exactly the problem. The issue with putting a humidifier inside the tent is the exhaust will suck out more moisture then what's left as the majority of the moisture goes straight to the exhaust. What roughly is your humidity without the humidifier?
  16. No, my comment was about humidity affecting the airflow.
  17. That's what I was afraid of. Usually the humidity had been pretty low for veg. It was around 35-ish but I have seen it sink as low as 25. That's why I got the humidifier. I have a towel hanging in a bucket to help add humidity as well. It was getting down around 35 with the towel before I added the humidifier.
  18. Pull through carbon push through carbon. Makes no difference at all. Still filters smell and gives me perfect draw which leads to perfect temps an humidity levels. Plus it gives me more headroom in my tent. Win win win.

    Obviously it will depend on tent size. Fan size an filter size but it honestly makes no difference to the filters function.

    The sleeve is to stop dust an shit getting in the external holes. If your pushing air thru you can remove the sleeve as it wont suck in dust
    An this will give you better draw. Your grow tent should be dust free enviroment so not prob pushing air from tent in filter.
  19. Don't even worry about that bro. They'll drink more, that's it. Take the humidifier out and see if that helps your filter. Take the towel out too. It will be fine. I got sick of fighting humidity long ago. Winters here get down to the single digits and my plants grow just fine. Use a sub irrigated planter if you're that worried and the plant will take care of itself
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  20. No it wasn't you replied to the OP comment when he said he pulled air through and told him that can cause problems. Which is incorrect. Its all right there in the thread bro. No big deal, people are wrong everyday.

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