carbon filter required for small room?

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  1. hey all, ive got a under-stair cupboard which is 3ft wide and 4-5ft deep, its 5.5ft at its max height and it decreases in height thereon as its under the stairs.

    I would like to grow 1-2 plants and am a little confused about the ventilation as there is no exists for a fan to go directly outside. The air will be confined to the cupboard.

    Do I need a carbon filter for 2 plants in such a small space? How tall will my plants actually grow?
  2. Your plants will grow as tall as you allow them. Plenty of factors involved with that....distance of light(s), types of light(s), the way you trim/cut/prune the plant (LST, FIM, topping, etc), nutrients used, your grow experience, etc. Also depends on the type of strain....Sativa's are naturally taller plants, Indica's are shorter/fatter.

    I'm growing in a room type similar to one you're describing (see my grow journal in my sig). I just installed a carbon filter / inline fan into my grow....the plants were just put into 12/12 but have been stinking the past couple of weeks. Of course I have 11 plants, you have 2....but they still smell. Just wait until the buds come....

    I would recommend a carbon scrubber/filter to anyone doing an indoor grow, no matter the size. Regardless of (and especially) if you're venting to the outside, to avoid smell to anyone walking around your property.

    I bought a nice 6" 400cfm inline fan and filter combo on Amazon for ~ $140. It's similar to the Hydrofarm setup. Just hooked it up yesterday and it's really great. Probably a little overkill for the room size, but I have a lot of plants so needed all I could get. The smell is INSTANTLY gone :hello:
  3. hey thanks for the reply, height is an issue obviously because im not sure what they can grow up to and how to maintain as its my first plant. I'm not sure what strand im using because im getting some clones of a friend. I've seen this.. RVK Extractor Fans - Lti Systemair Extractor Fan | Growell which is around $100 for a 4inch one. How many plants do you think I could grow in such a space?
  4. my tent is a similar size to your grow space, when you start flowering i would definitely recommend. what size light are you gonna be using.? my tent is only 4x2'x5'tall
    and i have 4 in there right now. i could easily do 6-8 they just wouldnt get as big of course, so it all depends on your light and how big you want each plant to get LEDwholesalers GYO2402 6-Inch 240 CFM Air Duct Inline Hydroponic Booster Fan: Patio, Lawn & Garden

    thats what I have right now and its not bad at all
  5. hey thanks for your reply! Well thats the thing I've begun constructing my grow room which im still working on because im not sure how many plants i can get in there.

    So far I have my white sheeting all the way around, shelving, a 3ft wide surface for the pots and underneath it I have a 3ft surface for my cloning space (which I still need to think about because im unsure what to do with a propagator) I also have a light splitter which will split two CFL not have the bulbs yet. I also have started to build a way to extract the air from the room which is a project within itself as the room has no direct exits to the outside of the property. I also have ph reader, two 12v computer fans (to circulate air?) and also have plant pots...

    thats me in a nutshell..

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