Carbon filter? Reg or inline

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  1. Hey guys I'm stuck on which Carbon filter do I buy should I get an inline carbon filter or should I just buy a regular carbon filter and just hook it up with ducting I need help and advice!!!
  2. I think inline, with a fan,
    I don't think if you just rigged a carbon filter to some ducting that it would work
    Wife was flipping out plants were A month ins and our bedroom stunk bad, ended up piping some duct work out the window, no carbon filter, seems 100% better just flipped to 12/12 last night so we'll see how it works out
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  3. Here's my setup......and there isn't even a hint of odor unless I open the tent.

    Intake is on the left, carbon filter and out line on the right.

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  4. Right that's what I'm thinking its like 50 dollars cheaper and all I have to do is add ducting I just wanted to know the difference
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    The only difference is that conventional canister filters must be hooked to the intake end of your ducting line in order for all of the air to be filtered. An inline carbon filter does the same thing, it is just open on both ends so that you can theoretically place it at any point in your duct system prior to the exhaust point. Both would require ducting and a fan.
  6. Thank you jay I appreciate the info on the understanding and In that case I will just go with the traditional filter and put it at the end connect ducting to that to the light then fan and out is the way I was going to do it if that is correct and how would you recommend a phresh carbon filter

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