Carbon filter question

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  1. Glass screens would be preferable as long as they dont ruin the seal. As far as losing them...just be more careful?.. Sure you can use metal screens but itll taste like it (not sure how picky you are) and youll lose the metal ones just as easy as the glass.

    For me its glass or nothing but to each their own.
  2. I have used metal it didn't change the taste at all. Worked out great

  3. because if i put the metal ones in, i can keep them in there and i dont lose them, how am i supposed to dump the stones without losing the screen? i dont want to dump a bunch of dirty carbon on my desk and pick through it.
  4. Idk man dump it in a plastic bag and just separate the screens out and pick em up? Like sure you might have to rinse your hand off but cmon..
  5. i dont see why metal would be bad if the flame never touches the screen, only thing it may effect is the smoke that is coming through the carbon, which should have minimal effects to it
  6. i just got the ehle crabon filter off gc, it the best thickest toughest carbon filter ive ever seen it 5mm!. and the only one thats fits a metal screen without a funny fit or having to trim it. get it. DO IT! never thought id be repping a gc product so hard. and whoever said the metal affects the taste is mental!. i understand the purist thing is ont thing, but its only holding up ur carbon duke. heat doesnt even get close! ive never even felt a warm CF
  7. I had the ehle 14mm cf and it was meh. My apix works better for airflow with the disk in it.
  8. i have the 18, ive never had such an "open" CF meaning it doesnt restrict or bottleneck anywhere, and i like knowing i could put it in a sock and beat someone silly with it and know ill be able to put it back in my bong. but id never doubt anything dan made, thats for sure!
  9. yea my apix has a disk already put in that has supreme airflow.. got some line work put in and an opal both to match my slide from him, and i couldnt be happier
  10. well i deff take ur word for it knowing how good my apix tube is, so ima have to get a carbon filter that matches my next tube from him. thanks nate and jk!


  11. I think he does ice pinch ones also, and i think they flow even more than a dd one
  12. I believe mine is the first to use a glass screen on the inside as opposed to ice pinch because he said he was having trouble getting them to be aligned straight and the screen had better airflow anyways
  13. I have a disk one from a while back from him. Right around when he was banned here a while ago

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