carbon filter question again

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  1. how are these set up??

    does the carbon filter have to be connected directly to the fan ie: via jubilee clip or can i have ducting between the filter and the fan,

    also can the the fan be outside the grow room so that theres only the filter and some ducting inside.
  2. no it dosent m8 you can put ducting between the filter and fan thats the way i have it i also have my fan in the room but cant see why you could not have it outside just keep the ducting as short as possible to long may effect the suction i dont no that 4 sure but seems that the fan would have to work harder:)
  3. thanks mate;)
  4. anyone know if this set up is any good.

    the room is 11x8x8 sort of triangular
  5. In my opinion you shouldnt order that off of ebay, mainly because the spec they give you is terrible. You will however probably need an 8" fan for that room, look into vortex fans or the like so you know what the specs are for the equipment. As for carbon filters you can even make your own, its fairly easy. A filter for your size room would come in a pretty big box and would weigh around 60 pounds, trust me I have one. You need to make sure you match your filter to your fan, its the most important part.

    I'm generally saying that that particular person did a terrible job explaining what he has for sale. I would go for something with a more detailed item description.
  6. what spec should i be looking for?

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