Carbon Filter Problem

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  1. Wondering if anyone else has had this problem with their carbon filters. For some reason, both of the filters I've had shipped out leak carbon. The first one continuously leaked carbon when hooked up, so bad that eventually even when it wasn't running the carbon was still leaking and covering the room in a layer of carbon dust. This second one I received had carbon that had leaked all over the inside, a giant pile in the bottom, and the prefilter was black with carbon. I didn't post the pic of the pile on the bottom, but it looks like a good amount of carbon. Both boxes didn't have a "this side up sticker", or "fragile" sticker for shipping.

    -I'm just wondering if anyone else has had this problem with can lite filters, or just in general, and what they did to fix it, such as just purchasing a new filter, or getting it to stop leaking somehow.

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  2. What brands did you get?
    I would only use Can or Phresh filters in a grow.
    There will be a little bit of carbon dust that leaks
    out during shipping, but it shouldn't be as much
    as that pic shows. And it shouldn't keep leaking either.

  3. Can light filter, this is the second. Im just thinking they cant make it across the country with UPS treating packages like they normally do. Im sending this one back too, but now im screwed because ill have to buy one locally at a 200% markup.

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