Carbon Filter or Ashcatcher

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    Hey what's up GC? well I wanted to upgrade my EHLE 1000 mL and wasn't sure what to get. I was wondering, are carbon filters really worth it? Or should I invest in an Ash-catcher first? I was leaning more towards ash-catcher, but the idea of better tasting and cleaner smoke is really appealing.

    Any input would be appreciated! Thanks! :cool:
  2. Do you alreayd have a diffused downstem? If you dont, GET ONE NOW!!!!
    and i would say a carbon filter even though i have never tried one, they keep everything past the filter(downstem and tube, and ashcatcher if you have one too) really clean, tar and reisn does not build up at all, except in the bowl and filter adapter like I already said. You also have to change the carbon pretty often, but activated carbon is cheap as fuck, plus its a lot easier to maintain then another big piece of glass. Its really whatever you like but if you want a cleaner hit and not just a cooler hit then get the carbon filter adapter.

  3. Great advice thanks! Yeah the diffused downstem is like night and day. I dont think ive ever used a wet precooler, maybe like twice so i dont remember. Does it really make it colder even if i have an Ice pinch?
  4. Does what make it colder? an ashcatcher(precooler, watever same thing)? it will be colder and a good bit smmother with an ashcatcher, but the carbon takes a lot of crap out of the smoke itself, it doesnt just filter it more through water and take out the ash. the carbon apparently also gets rid of smoke smell but it will smell/taste more like the raw herb[at least that is what i heard]
    you are going to inhale burnt plant matter na dtar and reisn and by prodcust of smoke no matter how many times its filtered through water. Carbon helps clean the smoke before it gets to you.

  5. :confused:
  6. which part is confusing? the smoke or the herb?
  7. I am in the same boat.. Just broke my a/c cleaning it this morning :( It was locally blown too which sux.. I am up in the air between an ehle(sp?) teardrop a/c.. Thanks to this post now a carbon adapter?
  8. they are easier to search for as a "carbon filter" or "carbon filter adapter"
  9. Carbon filters work 10 times better than ash catchers, if your trying to keep your piece clean go with a carbon filter for sure
  10. damn all this talk and i really want one of these, a carbon filter that is:p
    i feel it would make the rare occasion that I smoke more enjoyable
  11. Great input guys thanks! which do you think would be a better option to buy first? like which will enhance my smoking experience more, the way my diffuser did?
  12. honestly, if your just looking for more water filtartion(similar but not the same as how it works, what a diffuser does) then an a/c obviously. Again like i said. If you want a cooler hit-ashcatcher. If you wnat a cleaner, more 'pure' breath of smoke- get a carbon filter. I think they are both good choices, my ashctahers got boring after a while, the fact that i had an entirly new piece of glass that i could risk breaking since it needs to be cleaned often was too much time and effort. Another thing, for me, was that it made my tubes very front heavy, so depending on different factors like the shape, height, and weight of your tube and the ashcather, not including water it way be an easy way to tilt it over and break more glass. its your choice really, ashcathers are just too much for me
  13. Cool, maybe I'll get the carbon filter then sometime this month. You're right in saying that its just more glass to clean and worry about breaking. Thanks!
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    Like I said in my prev. post.. had a nice local blown glass ash catcher.. (it did have some slight blowback anyway) but nonetheless.. having to clean an extra expensive piece of glass is only more risk to breaking.. I have never broken any of my glass or glass access. except when im cleaning them :( usually just slippery since they are wet etc.. but oh well.. Imma try the carbon filter adapter for my ehle(sp?) diffused downstem its a 18 to 14 hole diffy which is very nice :) ill let u all know how the carbon filter works out with plenty of pics :)

    plus seems even easier cleaning than an ashcatcher.. just dump the old coal out.. put new back in..
    change water often (obviosly) in teh glass and thats it.. super easy cleaning the tube.. same w/ the bowl and downstem.. usually just leave downtstem in bong put some iso/salt and slosh it around.. cleans both bong and downsteam (bottom atleast) perfect.. rinse off.. qtip the top of downsteam and bowl and good to go :)

  15. Right on man, Ill do the same :cool:
  16. ash catcher, am i the only one who doesnt like carbon filters?

  17. the carbon apparently also gets rid of smoke smell but it will smell/taste more like the raw herb
  18. Right, i heard that it really gives a lot of flavor and that it will smell more like weed then smoke, the way i look at it...

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