Carbon filter in a greenhouse??

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  1. It's starting to get a tad stinky in the greenhouse. I have a ona block in there that seems to help out. How loud are carbon filters?? Anything louder than a fan would have the neighbors over. Any ideas other than crossing my fingers would be appreciated.
  2. A carbon filter is just a fitting with an exhaust fan so the only noise will be from the fan
  3. carbon filters dont like high is ur area?
  4. Thanks guys but it's too late. I heard the neighbors at the back of my place talking about somebody growing pot. I guess the smell was blowing their way. So I had to chop em down. Too much going on to risk getting busted. My poor ladies! They just started flowering...shame. I was looking at a bumper crop for my first grow. Good luck to everybody.
  5. need to start small and work ur way up
    maybe u grow 1 low smell plant to start
  6. thats sad at least u werent busted...
  7. I remember the i go over peeps APTS and the plants have taken over the APT...They just vent out the window or open the can smell my greenhouse from 2 miles away
  8. carbon filter installment on a greenhouse:
    Mount an in-line fan in the grow area, on the suction side install a carbon filter, on the other side install some flexable duct and exhaust out of the grow area. Try to run the exhaust air to the outdoors. Do not push air into the area, suck it out. Air can come into the area in many ways depending on your situation. Maybe thru an a/c vent. Even without a/c running you can draw air thru it. Change carbon about once a year. If fan needs to be really quiet, invest in a good one instead of the ones available at Home Depot etc. You can move lots of air this way which the plants need.
  9. Fans make smell .

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