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  1. Hi gc. I am currently using a vivosun carbon filter. Been using it for just over a month. I am growing in a small room, in a small grow tent. I used to vent my exhaust outside, but the way I had it set up wasn’t very convenient, so I removed the second duct from the inline fan. Now the inline fan just blows into the room but now there is this heavy smell mixed with a soil-nutrient smell lingering out.

    I’m still in veg stage and I heard people don’t hook up carb filters till flower but the smell is uncomfortably strong. Is my filter not working? If I switched to flower, the smell could be worse if it’s already like this in veg.

    I open the window once or twice a day for a short period of time so the room can get some fresh air.

    Do carbon filters only eliminate the odour so much that it should only be vented to outside, or do some of you guys let filtered air blow into your room and have no problem at all? Thanks!
  2. There are at least 2 ways to hook up a carbon filter.
    The best way is to have the filter inside the tent, a fan hooked to the filter so that it sucks air thru the filter, and then blows the filtered air to where you want it.
    A second method is to have the filter outside the tent with a fan blowing stinky air thru it.

    You will likely get a bit of smell during the start of flower, and then it gets worse.
  3. have you achieved negative pressure?
  4. I dont run a "filter" but I use those AC Carbon filters. I cut 3 round pieces and place them around my exhasut fan with a rubberband........the filter pieces being inside the tent. Here is an example. 20190617_131151.jpg
  5. Thank you for your replies.

    My carbon filter is inside my tent. Air is being sucked through it. I thought that would be more efficient.

    And yes, I do have negative pressure
  6. That looks really cool. Is that something you made or??

    If so..I would like to know how to make one myself:)
  7. Its simple, just buy one of these and fit over your exhaust like the pic. I only grow 2 to 3 plants indoor and it cuts my smell down by like 80%. Cheap way.

    Make it about 3 layers. e0e37b01-dd1e-42d6-ab5d-60addfab70b9_1.348b68f12313e138202bf05638396ef4.jpeg
  8. This works wonders on getting rid of odors. Clip a fabric softner on the end of the exhaust and your odor problem will go away. Room will smell like fresh laundry.
    Change out fabric softner sheet every 12 hours.
    20190614_193832.jpg 20190614_193827.jpg
  9. Never thought of that hmmmmm
  10. There could be several reasons this is happening. How many cfm is the fan and how much cfm can the filter handle?

    If it's set up properly and a quality filter you shouldn't need any of these gimmicks to hide smell. Who the hell wants to change out fabric softer sheets 2 times daily for the rest of your growing career. Wouldnt be able to ever leave the house. Lol screw that.

    I have a phresh brand filter set up pretty much the same way and zero smell. Phresh is always my go to brand. My neighbor/friend is a cop and he unknowingly approves.
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  11. To each is their own. What works for you may not work for others. Its okay to pass along helpful ideas that others don't mind trying. My tent had a 6 inch fan and filter and even on high you could still smell it. Some weed just smells dankier than others and may need a little help masking the odor.
  12. 4 inch exhaust into the room - no smell until the filter is used up. Usually in 2 to 3 grows the filter is used up.
  13. Thanks for all the ideas.
    I will use the dryer sheet method for now. Let’s see how that goes. I like the diy carbon filters that nuber posted. Seems easy and cheap. I might make one and add it as a second filter later in flower. Thanks for everyone who contributed to this thread.

    If ya’ll have any other ideas, feel free to post. Will be more than happy to see how other people deal with the smell.
  14. We have a large flower room...never have any smell. We have a (10x39") carbon filter hooked to a inline blower (fan) that goes to a vent on the outside wall of the house. This filters all the air being blown out of the house. you can stand outside near the vent and you smell nothing. We also have a (14"x48") carbon filter inside the room, standing upright on the floor, with a inline blower (fan) mounted on top of it. This just sucks air through the filter and blows it back out into the room (scrubbing the air). Between the two filters you will smell nothing. In veg we just have a carbon filter and inline blower (fan) with duct going to the outside wall and its own vent. All outside vented filters should be replaced every 20-24 months give or take a little. The ones scrubbing we get about 30-36 months out of them. This is what has worked for us for about 10 years.

    The most important part of the above info is using the right carbon filter (sized correctly) for the area.
    Equally important is using a good brand. I have tried cheap ones, and they did not perform anywhere near as well. We only use Phresh Filters for all our air filtering. They last the longest, and actually do what they say for the area they rate their filters for.

    Tip: take some tape and write on it the date the filter is put into service. This way you will always know how much use it has got at any given time. This is also what we do for bulbs. This way we know how much time each bulb has.
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  15. New to the site and gathering supplies to do my 1st grow in a diy micro box..looking to build my own filter due to size etc..has anyone noticed a difference between activated carbon sheets and the "pellets" you can buy as far as performance?
  16. I’m no pro and it’s been awhile for me, but if you’re making a filter, there’s a thread here that I’d have to look for but someone made one with the granulated “pellets “ that you can get from a pet store.
    I think the granulated type would be better because there’s more surface area for the air to move around.

  17. Thanks for the reply. the reason why i was asking about the sheets and their performance was i was thinking about a sealable food container(high quality one that has a gasket and locking lid) as the filter housing..cut holes in container for airflow and mount it to a high static pressure pc fan. Cut the sheets to fit, insert them into the container, lock it up and be done. My grow box is going to be 2x2x3
  18. The best can filter is the real can filter I only have there smallest one can lite 150 and two case fans with 3 d printed flanges
    About 180 cfm filter is only gonna use 150 works good in a 4X4 tent
    I got this used though probly a 300 dollor fan and filter I would get a can fan s600 and a filter to go with for same price and then a speed controller to turn down the fan these fans are awesome cause they silent just about can talk on phone next to them no issues

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