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    So I have a setup with a carbon filter to duct fan on the outside of grow tent that connects to ducting going through the tent and then to grow light for cooling purposes. From there the warmer filtered air exhausts to tent inside. Air exits the tent from a Velcro screened "peek" flap about 3×8 inches in size. This creates a very slight ballooning of tent. Is there any benefit to carbon filtering your plants air? Are there any drawbacks to this design besides smell? (Not an issue) This setup keeps the air temp about 10°f warmer than outside air in the garage and works great for indirect air circulation/ventilation. This is in a garage and weather is cooler to cold at night or 60-40 degrees. Heater to supplement temp in tent as well.
  2. Uhh, your blowing the heat from the light INTO the tent? Or did I read that wrong?..
  3. Lol yes the ballast I have lets me turn my light down to ~50%, which is where it's at now. The light is very close to the freshly transplanted clones (Fox farm light warrior seed starter) it's not hot and I have a digital thermometer in between the plants reading in pic to show. It is reading a little warm for night so I turned my oil space heater down a notch.

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    Outside room temp is the one under "in." And vice versa. I put the remote sensor in the tent is why. This setup will adapt as the seasons change and outside temp warms up. Also as plants grow and need more light, the addition of brightness intensity and accompanying heat will have to be accounted for. Doing what I can for temp., humidity, light, air ventilation/circulation, and water. Just got going less than 24 hrs ago.
  5. It was really the idea of carbon filtered air for clone to veg phase to prevent mold. If I had two carbon filters - 1 in and 1 out just for ventilation would that be the ideal situation for air control? What benefits would the plants reep from cleaner air? And are the benefits worth it?
  6. Lol what :/. The only thing plants are interested in in the air is its co2. a carbon filter eliminate the odour. How is scrubbing the air going in going to prevent mold? I think it's a futile procedure..
  7. You missed my point entirely. It removes solvents among other things from the air that would otherwise be in your weed if it's not filtered as in my case. It's in a garage. ANY can of oil of solvent chemical etc throws molecules of itself in air around it. You'd be surprised what's in the air...ignorance is bliss for ego but wisdom and knowledge fulfill the soul. Attempting to learn more about I from others...found you need HEPA for mold spores but carbon gets the dangerous chemicals out of air. If you live in the city and don't filter smog...yikes!

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