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  1. Hi just wondering at what stage of my grow should I be switching on the 4" Carbon Filter and Fan?

    I'm growing 3 x autoflowering Dinafem - Blue Kush.

    The space is a cupboard under the stairs, so concerned about odours that will inevitably arise.

    I'm presuming the house is not going to start reeking of cannabis automatically once I see signs of flowering around week 3? Or is it?

    What point into flowering should it be switched on?

    Thanks in advance!!

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  2. It depends. Some smell stronger than others. My grow room actually started stinking at about week 3 of veg. Not overpowering, but still there. Now that my plants are in flower, oh boy they are pungent. The nose knows. But, you may have to start using it before you even finish vegging
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  3. I used to turn off when the lights went off but now have been advised to leave it in 24/7 and tbh have seen a great improvement not just the smell but with the air flow.
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  4. Ok.. Thanks for general consensus sounds like should be on sooner rather than later

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  5. You should always have airflow through your room....not only to filter out the odors...but to bring in fresh air.

    I run my filters 24/7 from start-to-finish. Even vegging plants can reek...and all of us who smoke...just can't smell any of it like those folks can who DON'T smoke.

    good luck with your grow!
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  6. Just an update:

    I had to downsize two of my plants into smaller pots, as I think in hindsight under my circumstances, 3 plants in the slightly bigger pots they were in was slightly ambitious.

    So I have transplanted two of the girls into smaller pots. All 3 are currently inside a Plastic Storage Container, around 50cm Deep, 53cm Height, 34cm Width..

    Temperatures and humidity levels seem fine, air circulation seems ok, with my 4" fan attached.

    Currently Day 15 Growing my little blue kush's :)
    Light cycle: 20/4
    LED Full Spec Grow Light 54w

    20170820_172138.jpg 20170820_172333.jpg 20170820_172807.jpg 20170820_172138.jpg 20170820_172333.jpg 20170820_172807.jpg
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  7. You should be running your fan from the first day they sprout. Do not turn it off until you've harvested, or if you dry in the same tent, after done drying. In perpetual setups you should never turn off the ventilation.
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  8. if its an auto, the plant automatically goes into "flowering mode". As far as when to turn on exhaust? I run mine 24/7. But I also have 2 tents, 1 for veg and 1 for flower. Ventilation helps with a lot of things, especially heat control and obviously air circulation. Both things are extremely important to mj plants.
  9. Yeah .. I am beginning to notice some odours.. but it's not even in flowering stage yet.. so not sure if I'm imagining this.. but I am noticing some odours.. maybe it's leafy vegetation.. not a pungent marijuana odour.. the sooner I buy the carbon filter the sooner I'll be happy.. will be ordering this week

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  10. Mine are in veg and I can still smell them even with carbon filter on.. so yeah can only imagine the smell when it's off ! I love it but doubt the neighbors would lol
  11. Yes sounds good.. next purchase for me (at end of this week) will be the carbon filter and fan
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  12. Quick update: Rhino Pro carbon filter and Rhino RVK fan on order.. should be here early next week.. I really need it now as the odours are becoming noticeable around my grow area.. and if I have to.. I will take the plants off the lights and place them inside a smell proof box until the carbon filter arrives .. also awaiting a Mars Hydro 48 Reflector panel.. excited to test this when it arrives

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  13. I can still smell mine with the carbon filter in my room lol - as long as it does not leak out under my front door I'll be okay.
  14. 6" man and it's really powerful as well, but this white widow is a deff stinker lol
  15. yeah some strains are soo damn smelly.. I think my next grow is sure to be a low odour strain.. something like Northern Lights, or Think Different..
  16. TBH I don't know what strains smell less bro... :smiley-rolling-joint:
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