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    I am new to Carbon Filters and i dont know how they are usually set up. this is the way i was picturing using it. please let me know what the flaws of this would be why or why not it will work. My plan was to just filter the air that was being pulled out of the grow room and into my garage.

    LET ME KNOW THANKS!:smoke:
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  3. It might be better to have the filter in the tent if you can fit it. filters work best when air is being PULLED through them instead of PUSHED like you have pictured. pushing isn't as effective since air can leak out possibly before it reaches the filter causing bad things to happen in most cases.
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    Most of the filters design to suck the air trough them , not to push trough them (Exception is ProFilter , that one can go both ways)
    So if you go with "traditional" carbon filter then it should be this way: Fresh air intake on the bottom of the tent (not on the top) and it must be small enough to create negative pressure. Carbon filter inside of your tent on the top (Stinky air in>>>CARBON FILTER>>Short duct>>>FAN>Short duct >>>Odor free hot air out) , the reason to have it on the top is to remove hot air build up on the top and deliver cooler air from the bottom .
    P.S.The easiest way to do it is to go trough some of the grow journals and simply copy the set up, with out trying to reinvent the bicycle . Good luck:wave:

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