CArBon Filter Diagram. HELP

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by J.face, Nov 22, 2011.

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    I am new to Carbon Filters and i dont know how they are usually set up. this is the way i was picturing using it. please let me know what the flaws of this would be why or why not it will work. My plan was to just filter the air that was being pulled out of the grow room and into my garage.
  2. That'll work. Although, you would have to fit the cotton filter that's on the outside of the filter to the inside of it.

    An easier solution would be simply putting your carbon filter inside the tent/room and pull air through it then out to the garage.
  3. Thanks man! I am too tight on space to be able to put the Carbon filter on the inside of the tent :devious:

    What do you mean i would have to put the cotton filter on the inside insteaed of the outside? Can you explain? sorry , like i said im a newbie to carbon filters and how they work

  4. Just move the blower to the outside of the tent, last in line after the carbon filter. you don't want any resistance after the blower. It will last longer and work more efficiently. you want it "pulling" and not "pushing".:hello:
  5. You can hang the carbon filter at the top of the tent. I have it that way. Using velcro straps you can use bungie cords as well or rope. Generally most Carbon filters will tell you to suck the air in not push it out.

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