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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by ihctoab, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. High GC!

    I'm still designing my first growroom and I must now build an air filter for odour control. I looked at many DIY designs on the web but I was not satisfied and came up with my own. I am at work now and the only soft I could use to draw anything is MS Paint, so my drawing is cheap but you will get the point. It's a 2.5 gallon bucket, with a couple 2" diameter holes in the bottom. I lay a layer of foam filter cut to shape to cover the bottom of the bucket (and the holes). I lay a layer of activated carbon pellets over the foam, then another layer of foam (probably optionnal). Cut a 6" hole in the bucket's lid, and fit a 90 elbow and connect to 490 CFM in-line blower, then 1' of duct and it exits the room.

    I'm not sure if it makes sense explaned that way, I'd like to know what you think of it. Here is my drawing, anyway I'd like some comments and ideas.


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  3. Its an interesting idea, it has all the ingredients to work, im trying to decide what route to take on odor control myself, if you get it up and running id like to know how it works for you (might have to jock your idea)
  4. thats fuckin brilliant. lol. go ahead and make it. as long as the air is passing through a good amount of dense activated carbon your good to go! make sure that carbon is packed in there tight!
  5. Yeah Man, whats that gonna cost you to make? Maybe 20 bucks.. If it doesnt work (not probable) you can salvage the carbon for your next try.

    But I think it'll work.
    How big is the area youre venting?
    Do you have a light to vent?

    Can you throw up some pics?

    Good thinkin for sure man.. I too may try this ;)

    17 :bongin:
  6. Looks good to me ... and timely as well. I'm going the DIY route here as well and I've been staring at a stack of Home dePot orange buckets. One idea; Maybe cut to fit furnace/AC filters would make better partitions than foam, but I guess it all depends on the particular product that you're using.
    I'll post up my results within the week.

    Good Luck,
  7. Hey guys thanks for your input!

    I will build it and post pics for sure, probably this week or next week. I want to build it with a 2.5 gallons bucket and I don't know where to buy one yet.

    mgr17: the rook I am venting is about 10x10x7 and there is 1kw HPS and 3x 37w shoplights in there. This is the only vent I am planing to use right now. If it gets too hot in there I'll add another fan but not right now, probably not before next summer.

    SlackerBee: yeah when I say foam I mean the black AC filter folks are using for their air scrubbers in the DIY forums.

  8. Do you know anyone with a cat?? :) Kitty litter comes in 2.5 gal buckets
  9. ahah if I can't find an empty one I will get a 2.5 gallon bucket of litter and throw the litter away
  10. post some pics for sure..

    Im lookin to vent a 56 cu ft area with a 450cfm fan

  11. honestly id just go buy a carbon scrubber, i got one with a 4in connector for fifty bucks and its doing a great job and is reusable too!
  12. idk where you got that but the scrubbers I see are over a 100 bucks..

    and if you can make something jsut as effective for a much lower cost, why not?
  13. can anyone tell me were to order carbon cheap? best I have found (without buying a ton) has been on ebay.
  14. Id say check out the DIY section they have ton's of idea's from 15-50$! ebay can be very unhelpful sometime's. :wave:

  15. I bought mine on eBay and I got 10 pounds, cheap too!
  16. Just as a follow-up, I built the filter, and IMO it's a fail. Even with 10 x 1.5" holes in the bottom of the bucket, it restricts air too much.

    Back to the drawing board...

    Meanhwile I am gonna build a standard cylinder like air scrubber, like everybody does.

    Thanks for your interest!
  17. Yeah I never got farther than buying a bucket.. :eek:

    My thought was t build it cylinder style with the holes around the sides of the bucket.. I started to look into buying the pieces and it was such a hassle I lst interest..

    Found a deal on a CanFan 38 special filter, gonna save for that :cool:

    Thanks for the update!

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