Carbon filter design

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  1. Im golng to grow soon but Im having trouble finding the ducting and that for a carbon filter (Im in the UK) so Ive come up with a design (I hope works) where I can get all the parts
    Its only for a few plants in a small place.
    Sorry for the crappy sketch.
    Can anyone give advice on the design (or recommend any stores in the UK that sells ducting. Couldnt find it in B&Q :( ).
    It should work right?


    Cheers everyone
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  3. Thanks but I've already seen them and I can't find the ducting pieces where I am so I was wondering whether my design was a good enough substitute for them.
  4. sell all the ducting pieces u could need but tbh m8 i been growing for a long time & i Never buy anything if i can make my own & i don't like Growwell myself.................

    for reducers from say 4 - 6", u can use a tapered plantpot with the bottom cut off.

    here's a few designs i made & still use - both are very cheap & easy to make.
    1st one i recommend for bathroom type fans with not much power.
    2nd type is great for rvk's

    u can get top ducting from - i use the black covered foil as it's about the best u can get imo & not too expensive.

    good luck with ur project m8 :)
  5. Thanks for the good advice mate - BTW what you under at skunkforums?
  6. ir use teh name beek & as u can see the filters are my creation along with lots of diy hydro threads & other ace stuff :D

    check out the grow in the sig ;)
  7. Any decent hardware store will carry the ducting... home hardware, home dePot, Lowes, I'm sure there are others in the US that I'm not aware of...

    Seriously, this stuff is available everywhere... the hardest thing to find for me was the carbon :D


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