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  1. Hey guys, I bought a new 6 inch carbon filter at the local grow shop. The brand is Charco. I’ve never heard of it and can’t find any internet reviews on it. Anyways, I’m still having smell problems. It’s only cleaning the air in a 4x4 tent. I’m wondering if you guys are successful completely eradicating smell with your filters. Should I get a different brand? What are the top brands?

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  2. Your fan size should be adequate to effectively draw out air and filter it. VIVOSUN, iPower, and G HYDRO are all the top brands that are sold on Amazon and I have been happy with Vivosun products overall.
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  3. I have used Phresh filters nearly all my growing life and will continue to do so.
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  4. Phresh and Can-Lite. I'm currently using a can-lite(6"),I'm on month 14 and can only smell carbon when I put my face to the exhaust.
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  5. Hi.
    Some carbon manufacturers use cheap grade coconut shell carbon which has many times less efficiency than solid granular activated carbon(gac).
    Definitely check that spec out when buying as it can save some headaches.

    G.a.c. can be recharged when used up by heating in a oxygen free kiln(sealed) metal box at 900°f for 60 minutes. This burns up the accumulated organic deposits within the carbon pores and deposits them on the walls of the heating chamber.
    If you're so inclined as high grade g.a.c. is expensive.
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  6. I don't know what you've figured out since, hopefully you've figure it out, but no one asked what setup you have with the filter.

    Are you pulling thru the filter;

    Filter (inside tent) ---> Fan ---> exhaust out of tent


    Pushing thru the filter;

    Fan ---> exhaust duct ---> filter (outside tent)

    The second option can lead to puffs of stink coming out if not absolutely sealed perfectly. Pinholes in the exhaust duct can let air escape before being passing thru the filter. A loose hose clamp can also be a problem. You basically create a positive pressure between the fan and the filter, and that air is yet to be scrubbed.
    And the very nature of circular/cylindrical properties could allow the charcoal to seperate as you are pushing outwards on the cylindrical filter. By drawing in, the charcoal gets pulled in tighter to other granules. Pushing out could create a slight air gap in the filter, which then could mean unfiltered air.
    Most good brands of filter are well and solidly packed, so this shouldn't be the case, but in theory......

    I always always always pull thru my filter, thru the fan, and out the tent (option 1) which creates a negative pressure between the fan and filter, a vacuum.
    I have upwards of 49 plants in my house in 3 growing tents, a mom tent and a dedicated drying tent, and you can't smell anything in my house unless I've recently smoked.

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