carbon filter before or after fan?

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  1. Ive been messing around with how I want to install my carbon filter to my exhaust in my growbox. Im using a 6" 250cfm inline fan. I was going to sandwich some carbon between 2 AC filter layers, but one layer of the filter alone blocked enough airflow to get my box to 95 degrees.

    Would putting the filter before the fan, so that the fan sucks through it, be more effective in my situation? I'm mostly worried about my temperature, which Ive had alot of trouble controlling.
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    you'd install it to suck through the filter. I find that works best for me. A few cheap fans circulating the air in the grow box would help too.
    I've also got trouble keeping the heat down and i find this works for me. Try also identifying the hot spots and adding small fans, i.e around the lights
  3. I have one small desk fan in the box, I'll probably add another. I like the idea of having the filter in the box as well, just for stealth reasons. I'll probably do it that way if it'll work best.

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