Carbon Filter area size?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by jennybunny, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. Is there a cart or something for the area size that it does for like 4" 5" 6" carbon filters and the CFM that your using?
  2. Any fan you buy will have a CFM spec on it...look at it before you buy it. Websites generally advertise this.
  3. well yes thats a given. But im asking if theres a cart or anything that people go by for how big your carbon filter should be by room size and CFM.
  4. Usually what your looking for is your air in your tent to be exchanged every 5 min.

    To figure out what size you need for that is to multiply the width times the length times the height of the tent.

    So a 10x10x10 tent is a area of 1000 square feet of grow space. Divided by 5 you need a fan that can push 200 cubic feet per min.

    Generally the smallest inline fan is 4 inches and it will provide you with a fair amount of airflow for up to large tents depending on how large.

    A side note the fans come usually with one speed..high and you often don't need that much and its added watts to your grow. Usually they sell a variable speed controller to turn the fan down. Bought one for mine have it on low uses 15 watts vice 70 since I only need it on low.
  5. ohhhh ok, just cause im looking to upgrade it too a while room instead of just a lil area so im seeing if my 6" will still be good to use for say a max of like 20x20
  6. well a 20x20x20 is 8000 cubic feet of air that has to be exchanged. A 6 inch fan would take forever to clean that air.
  7. well 20 x 20 being the biggest, prob looking around 15x12x 6 or 7

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